Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Art of Sleeping In

Day Two: Educate us on something you know alot about or are good at

Today I am going to educate you on the art of sleeping in. This is something I am quite good at....especially if C is on a roadtrip and gone for a few days!
To begin, prepare the room.  It is best if it is very dark, very quiet and quite cool. Dark curtains are best. Blackout curtains are even better, especially if they provide a second layer to your already dark curtains. Make sure there are no other lights in the room.  Bright alarm clock numbers are usually a culprit for this.  It is best to cover them up with a dark washcloth, so as to still be able to uncover and see the time if needed.  Temperature is very important.  A drop in temperature when you are going to bed helps your body quickly sleep into a state of sleep.  Also, just in case, make sure there is a glass or bottle of water on your night stand so no trips to the kitchen in the middle of the night are needed.
Next, prepare yourself. For pajamas, I find clothes that are too baggy to be difficult to sleep in.  Any tossing or turning causes them to become tangled and tighten around your body.  Clothes like this can also get stuck underneath you, causing you to become uncomfortable and wake up.  Stick with clothing that is tighter to your body….if you must wear clothing at all ;)  Another good idea, especially if you share a room with someone, is ear plugs.  I find the best to be the wax kind that can be molded to your ear. 
Finally, lay down and try to go to sleep.  If you need help, I find a movie that you have already seen is good to watch. But make sure you turn off the TV before you completely fall asleep!  You don’t want to wake up to it in the middle of the night.  For readers, I find this to be the best trick.  Usually I can only read a few pages before I can’t keep my eyes open anymore.
If you wake up in the middle of the night or earlier than you wish in the morning, make sure to try to will yourself back to sleep.  Don’t get up.  Don’t move around a lot.  Certainly don’t open your eyes and look at the time or your cell phone.  This will cause your body to go into wake-up mode!
Good luck and happy sleeping!

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  1. These are great advice!! I sure love my sleep too!! Except I usually can't sleep very well after I watch a movie, even if i've seen it a billion times! I always lay awake thinking about the movie and wondering what would happen if the ending was different. Thanks for sharing :)

    PS. Visiting from The story of my life May challenge :)



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