Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Don't Wake the Baby

This will make more sense if you keep reading!

Day 22: Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel

Ok, how hard is it to be quiet when your significant other is sleeping and you have to get up early or you get in late? Apparently for C it’s impossible. I just don’t get it. 
Whenever he has days off and I still work, I get out of bed quietly (ok he does hear my alarm), trudge to the bathroom and shut the door quietly.  I do not slam it. Once I am finished getting ready, I turn the light off, open the bedroom door (quietly) and head to the closet.  I GO IN the closet and shut the door, then turn on the light and pick out my clothes for the day. Once I am all ready, I kiss him goodbye and I leave.
When C leaves before me?  He turns on all the lights, shuts the bathroom door loudly, slams his dresser drawers, you name it.  It’s so frustrating!  Sometimes he has to leave at 4 in the morning for away games!
Don’t even get me started about when he comes home from hanging out with the guys on nights he has the next day off (but I don’t).  He comes in tipsy (ok maybe more than that) making a ton of noise. He almost ALWAYS has to cook a feast at some ungodly hour after drinking. He slams all the kitchen cabinets in the process and sometimes even starts the washing machine, dryer or dishwasher. Our place is a tiny one bedroom at this point. You can hear those things in every part of the house!
The other day after we had spent some time BBQ-ing with the guys at the complex, I had to go home since I had work the next morning. C didn’t, so he stayed out with the guys. Like a gentleman he walked me home and knowing he’d had a few drinks I thought we’d play a game.  I said let’s pretend we have a two month old baby and if you are loud, you wake him up and you have to take care of him all night. He went with it.  We slowly and quietly opened the doors, we whispered, and we tip-toed around the apartment.  Then he got the genius (read: drunken) idea that I should write “Don’t wake the baby!” on his hands. He grabbed a permanent marker and handed to me.  Obviously I had to comply with his request! I wrote it on both hands, facing different ways on each hand.  Then I sent him on his way to hang out with his friends some more.

You know what? 



  1. Ha ha, maybe you should write on his hands every night! My husband is the same, he gets up early and makes so much noise whatever he does, he often puts the light on whilst I'm still trying to selfish is that! Whereas when I used to get up before him, I'd tiptoe round the house, get ready in the spare room etc. I think it's just a man thing. :)

  2. hahaha That's awesome. And that whole scenario of coming home late, making a meal, starting the dishwasher, and virtually doing whatever possible to keep from going to bed and stay up to make more noise? That was Peyton from day freakin' one!!! Luckily he doesn't go out much anymore, but man did we get in some fights about it.



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