Saturday, May 18, 2013

Going Out to Play

Day 18: Tell a story from your childhood.

When I as a kid I was a big sleepwalker. Of course, I don't remember it at all, but that's what my parents say. I do remember waking up in super strange positions though. 

Once, I fell asleep on the toilet.  I remember my mom waking me up. Um? Embarrassing!

Once I fell asleep only half on my bed.  You see, I had a pretty tall bed. To get onto it as a child, I had to do sort of a climb.  It must have been exhausting that night after a trip back from the bathroom (I’m assuming) because I fell asleep with one leg bent up on the bed, one leg standing on the ground, and my body hunched up over the side of the bed. Comfy? Must have been!

Once I fell asleep standing up in the middle of my bed with my arm outstretched over my head. Apparently I was trying to be a rock star.  Or possibly trying to pull the string to turn off my fan. Either way, it was just too much for me so I fell asleep right in the middle of whatever action I was doing!

My favorite story as a kid though is a sleepwalking story.  I was 5, which is probably why I don’t remember it.  Thankfully, when I was younger, my parents had an alarm on the house.  One night around 2am it went off.  My parents rushed out to see me cheerfully walking out the door (albeit completely asleep).  They freak out and say “Justine, what are you doing?”  My reply???

“Bye mom, I’m going out to play!”

Happy Saturday!

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