Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Day 14: Ten things that make you really happy

The beach, right where the water and the sand meet.
A park swing.
The dancing water fountains at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.
Nose and forehead kisses.
Cookie Dough. 
Stargazer lily’s.
Dryer’s mocha almond fudge ice cream.
Sleeping in.

The first four are my ultimate "happy places."  They have been for years. You will never find me in one of those places without a huge smile on my face.  I could spend hours upon hours at all of them. I have gone to the first three with C, one left to visit!


  1. Your happy list made me happy! I love the bellagio fountains, they are magical....we stayed there for hours watching them. I thought at one point my hubby might propose (before we were married) but he didn't. It would have been a cool place to do it though. Hoping to go back to Vegas again soon!

  2. We have some things in common! The swings were always my favorite at the park! Cookie Dough - YUM and sleeping in I could do every day but then I'd miss bacon for breakfast ;o) Just wanted to say thanks a bunch for the follow back on bloglovin'; appreciate it! Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday :o)



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