Monday, April 6, 2015

Champions x 3

Well for the third year in a row, I get to write about C's Championship Ring ceremony.  I honestly can't believe their team (the Arizona Rattlers) won the Arena Football League's version of the Superbowl (the Arena Bowl) three years in a row.  I am sooo sooo happy that I met C when he got to the team and was able to see him fulfill one of his dreams (get a Championship ring) and then keep on winning more of them. I've clearly been spoiled since I started watching Arena Football....I'm not totally sure what it feels like when the team loses!

Last August, just two weeks before our wedding, C and his team played the Cleveland Gladiators in Cleveland in front of a crowd of more than 18,000 fans.  They were considered the "under dog" because Cleveland hadn't lost a single game all season.  Guess what?  They beat Cleveland by over 40 points, the highest margin in Arena Bowl history.  Take that Gladiator Fans!

Two weeks ago and just two days before their first game of the season, the team owner threw a huge party where the guys received their rings for the third year in a row.  Those puppies just keep getting better and better. If you are curious, you can see the other rings here and here. The owners house is a gigantic home in the mountains of Scottsdale, AZ that overlooks the entire city.  His sprawling backyard is seriously gorgeous!

This year they invited not only the players, staff and their dates, but other "celebrities" and important locals.  Bruce Arians, Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals (NFL), Brian Urlacher (used to play for the Chicago Bears), as well as Owners of the Phoenix Suns (NBA) and Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB) were there, among many others.  Made for a pretty awesome atmosphere!

I was super worried about what I would wear, knowing I would be around 31 weeks pregnant.  It's definitely not a tiny bump I am carrying around anymore. I searched and searched for over a month, purchasing things and returning them, hoping to find something that made me feel great.  I knew the other wives and girlfriends would look fantastic and I wanted to feel the same, or at least not like a whale! I wanted to still look "sexy" but not too much. Two weeks before the ceremony, I hit the jackpot. ASOS maternity had some awesome options!

At the party there was an open bar, tons of tasty passed Hors d'Oeuvres (yes I googled the spelling of that) and even a fancy buffet dinner that included steak, chicken and salmon.  Unfortunately for the guys, they couldn't take advantage of the open bar like they had in past years since they had an upcoming game.   Let me tell you, they REALLY took advantage of it in previous years too!  I unfortunately, couldn't take advantage of it either!  Oh well, water for me!

After a few hours of mingling, we headed down to the putting green where the team had set up a big stage for the ceremony to start.  Unfortunately for the women, they didn't have a single chair set up, just high top tables.  Not too convenient when you've already spent 2.5 hours standing in your fancy high heels.  I found a seat on the edge of the pool in the corner by some cactus....I was joined by around 10 women by the end of ceremony. It was just too much standing, especially being pregnant!

The owner and league commissioner both spoke a bit about the team and its win before passing the mic to the head coach.  He spoke a bit about each player and then gave them their ring. C and I decided we were going to look at anyone elses, we wanted to be surprised by it when he got his personal ring!

Thankfully, he was probably the 5th guy awarded with his ring.  Man, it is quite the ring!

After the ceremony, we headed out.  Not to complain, but a fancy party on a Thursday night isn't ideal for those of us who work!! 

A detailed shot from the team

I am so proud of all that C has accomplished with this team and so lucky to have been there to see it all.  Here is to another great year in the Arena Football league, and fingers crossed for another Championship win!!

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