Friday, April 5, 2013


A few weeks ago C and his team had their championship ring ceremony. 

The owner of the team threw a huge party at his mansion in the hills of Phoenix for everyone and their dates.  He sent several buses to the hotel the team was staying at to pick us up so we could completely enjoy our evening.  I finally didn't have to be DD!

We were told there would be amazing food, flowing alcohol and of course diamond champion rings.

The week before had been sunny and high 80's so I went shopping and found a lovely springy type chiffon dress to wear with some wedges.  Guess what the temperature was the day of the party? Why it was 50 degrees and rainy of course.  Just my luck.

Since I was staying at my parents at the time and living out of the single suitcase I had brought with me, I scrambled and spent the day shopping for something warm to wear. I mean, I probably spent 6 good hours going from store to store, mall to mall trying to find something.  Ugh.

I finally ended up with a simple black sweater dress that would match one of the three pairs of heels I had brought.  Not my favorite look and quite boring, but at least I'd be warm. Oh yeah, the best part?  It was $10. 

When we got there we were shuttled from the bus up the hill on golf carts.  The house was huge!  They even had two sets of washers and dryers in their laundry room (which was right off the kitchen, I swear I wasn’t snooping). Three people live in this house if that gives you any perspective! They had several bartenders in a dropped bar in the middle of the room, chefs on site cooking and serving appetizers, a Rattlers ice sculpture….I mean, the works! I wish I would have taken more pictures

                             The Ring                           
                                                     The man next to me is Alvin Gentry, 
                                                   the former coach of the Phoenix Suns

The night was so much fun.  C finally got his ring, something he has been aiming for since he started his football career.  I am so proud of him J


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