Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Eeeek!  So C and I went RING shopping! 

He has been saying for months that he would have proposed if he had a ring…but has done nothing about it. So finally I just gave him a little nudge J

I had mentioned a while back that if he got me a ring at an outlet store I wouldn’t mind one bit.  I mean why not?  That’s a bigger, prettier ring for a cheaper price! That’s definitely a win in my book.

Last weekend as we were headed out to Disneyland I suggested stopping by the Helzberg Diamond’s outlet store that is on the other side of town from us (and on the way out of town).  I was sooooo nervous going in. Obviously I have never done this, so I didn’t know what to expect.  I was really unsure of how C would act/feel as well.

We were both pretty quiet and I began showing the sales person what I liked while C just stood around and watched.  As we chatted with her though, he began to open up a tiny bit. When she told me to try one on though, I felt so awkward.  I kept looking at C’s face to see if he was freaking out inside, because I definitely was!  He didn’t seem to be though.  I know exactly what I want, so it was a pretty quick stop.  He made sure to have her write everything down on the one that was my favorite so he could find it again.  Cuteness.

After we got back from California, I suggested we maybe try some other stores.  I wasn’t sure what Helzberg’s prices were compared to other stores, so I thought it was worth a shot. I also thought it would be nice to show him several I liked in different places and then let him choose which one he’d like to get me.

I found out there were several other outlet jewelry stores in a mall nearby, so last Saturday we went there.  The first store we stopped (Kay Jeweler’s) had my dream ring. It was by Neil Lane, so I automatically assumed it was super expensive (I DO watch the Bachelor haha) and turned down the offer to try it on.  The sales woman pushed me a little and so I did.  I was shocked when I looked at the price tag and it was in our budget!!! We got all of the information once again and headed to a few more stores.

We went to a few other stores and it was cute to see that C had learned exactly what I wanted. He kept telling the sales people, “princess cut, white gold, and halo.”  He is a fast learner hehe. I found things that I liked in the other stores, but the first ring still seemed to be the one to beat.  It was also cheaper than all of the others that I found.  Before we left the mall, C wanted to go back in there to see how long the sale on the ring lasted.  He has until Mother’s Day, just a few short weeks away!

After that day, he hasn’t stopped talking about it. I think all he needed was that little nudge!  He is telling everyone about our plans and seems so comfortable with everything.  My guess is he was just so clueless about the process that he didn’t even know where to start, so he didn’t start.  I’m quite happy I put the bug in the ear J

I can’t wait to give more updates on this!!!


  1. Omg...so, so, so exciting! I can't wait to hear more about this!!!



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