Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 35

What's Going on in There?
The fruit comparisions just don’t make sense to me these days….little Noah is the size of a coconut or a bunch of carrots.  He is about 20 inches long (his birth length) and probably closing in on 5 and a half pounds. His kidneys and liver are now fully developed and functioning and he is continuing to gain fat. Grow little man grow!

Maternity Clothes? 
Same old, same old.  My office is probably starting to get really bored of seeing the same 6-7 dresses every week!
27 pounds?  I seem to be losing….I hope that’s ok for little man.   
Stretch Marks? 
Ugh. The crop on the back/side of my left thigh has grown and my right thigh has gained a few to join them.  Not my favorite.  I really hope they calm down once I have little man and aren’t as noticeable.

On Monday he wasn’t moving at all which really scared me.  Enough to call the doctor.  Since then though, I think he has been making up for scaring mommy and moving like a crazy man!   
Food Cravings? 
Nothing really. Food has been tough this week.
Anything Making you Queasy or Sick? 
Pretty much any time I eat.  My stomach has gotten so squished that I can’t even eat half a sandwich without feeling the effects of it.  I get nauseous and the reflux is killer.

What I Miss? 
Eating a full meal without feeling sick.  It’s really hard right now to make sure I am getting enough nutrients for my little guy.
Yep, had a couple different incidents this week.  So weird.  I think it is just because my stomach is so squished, I am really trying to train myself

Just the general preggo aches and pains I think!  My belly has been hurting near the bottom and I am pretty tired, but I think it is all normal. 
Labor Signs? 
Nothing but Braxton hicks

Belly Button In or Out?
As out as it can get
Wedding Rings On or Off? 
Wearing my fakie for boring things like work, but still wearing my real one on the weekends
Tossing and turning with a 6 pound person on your belly sucks. The end.
 What I'm Looking Forward To?

Momma and I are headed to LA this weekend for another of C’s games.  I can’t wait to take the bump to the beach and to Downtown Disney for his first glimpse of some of my favorite places!

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  1. I had a couple of hospital and doctor visits after not feeling Caleb move for awhile. It's SO scary and I was never sure if I should call the doctor or if I was overreacting, but in the end, I always called because I wanted to be safe! I'm glad you called too! It's very reassuring.



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