Friday, September 12, 2014

Lip Factory Review - August

It’s time for a Lip Factory review!

Lip Factory is a monthly beauty box that is $22 a month (S&H included) and comes with 5-7 products each time.  The box aims to give you a “full face” of makeup, but its main focus is on…lips of course!  This is one of my favorites, and though more expensive than ipsy, they always send full sized products which is great!

Sometimes this box has a theme and sometimes it doesn’t. I guess this month is a “doesn’t.”

So here it is….the August Lip Factory box!  

           1)     LASplash Mineral Blush in “Beach Party” – 2.5 g. each (FULL SIZE)
I think this blush would be beautiful….if it actually had color.   I mean, this stuff would barely show up on a ghosts face, let alone mine! It’s got a beautiful shimmer to it though, so maybe I can use it on top of something I already own.
Full Size: $15.00 each My Value: $15.00

           2)    LASplash Lip Lacquer in “Underground” – .2 oz. (FULL SIZE)
This reminds me of a nail polish that I got a few months ago….which I felt was better suited for a ten year old.  Orangy pink with chunks of glitter? I think I will be gifting this to my junior bridesmaid!
Full Size: $9.00 My Value: $9.00

           3)    Medusa’s Makeup Stick It Eye Primer - .02 oz (FULL SIZE)
There are a lot of eye shadow primers out there and I have a hard time thinking that this would be one of the better ones.  I will give it a try, but shadow primer is one makeup item I definitely have a favorite of and I’m not sure anything can sway that.  (BTW if you are wondering, it’s the MAC paint pot in Barestudy!)
Full Size: $8.00 My Value: $8.00

          4)    Cult Nails Lacquer in “Nakizzles Shizzle” – .05 oz. (FULL SIZE)
           There is not a single thing I like about this.  I barely use nail polish and if I did it 
           definitely wouldn’t be this color.  I really hate the name of the polish too.  They really 
           must have run out of ideas!
          Full Size: $12.00 My Value: $12.00

           5)    Pink Powder Parlor Lipstick #720 – ?? oz. (FULL SIZE)
            I know this sounds weird, but I am not sure I really trust this lipstick!  There is not a 
            single piece of identifying information on the tube except for the numbers 720.   
            There is no brand, no color name, no product weight.  Nothing.  It’s not my color 
            either so I won’t be using it!
           Full Size: $10.00 My Value: $10.00

6)  Red Cherry False Lashes #16 Black – (FULL SIZE)
These aren’t too bad actually.  I tend to stick to more natural looking lashes, so these are right up my alley.  Once I stop filling my lash extensions, I will be putting these to good use!
Full Size: $2.50 My Value: $2.50

Final Cost: $22.00
Final Value: $56.50

I’m not totally impressed with this months haul.  The products all seemed “cheap” to me.  I think the only things I will get use out of are the blush and the lashes.  The rest just aren’t my style.  Bummer.

What do you think?

If you’d like to sign up…..use my referral number? Pretty please?  It’s 385223.

(Also, I swear I’m not a review blog….I just like sharing these fun things! I have not been compensated for this review.)
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  1. Yea I can see where this one would disappoint, but with subscription boxes I often find them to have duds in the mix. I am sure next months will be amazing !



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