Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lip Factory Review - December

 Happy New Year!!!  Who has a resolution to get more beauty boxes in 2014?  Oh, just me??

Time to show you Lip Factory box number four!

The first two months I got this the, it was amazing. Last month…..not so much. I was really bummed that the box had not one, not two, but THREE red lipsticks!  For someone who doesn’t use red lipstick but maybe 1% of the time, I was not happy. I was really hoping this month Lip Factory would be back to its usual great self!

Lip Factory is a monthly beauty box that is $22 a month (S&H included) and comes with 5-7 products each time.  The box aims to give you a “full face” of makeup, but its main focus is on…lips of course! 

So here it is….the December Lip Factory box!
Eek...sorry it's so blurry!
  1. PureCeuticals Pumpkin Enzyme Cleanse – sample packet
I can’t wait to use this!  I bet it burns like heck (most pumpkin stuff does) but I bet it also cleanses really well!
            Full Size: $39.00 8 oz. My Value:$3.00

  1. MeMeMe Cosmetics Boho Balm in Coral Taupe– .37oz. (FULL SIZE)
How cool is this lip and cheek tint? It has two colors in one and they are both pretty awesome! It didn’t get really globby and stain random parts of my cheek, it went on pretty evenly! The colors are both great lip colors as well.  Also, it smells really good! 
Full Size: $10.34  My Value: $10.34

  1. essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara – .3 oz. (FULL SIZE)
Hmm…I’m not really sure what to do with this.  I definitely don’t need it for my eyebrows, I have bangs, you can’t even see them! I don’t see the point of clear mascara either really.  I bought it once to take to Hawaii since I knew I’d be in the water a lot….but I never even used it. I just wore nothing at all. Any suggestions for this?
Full Size: $2.99 My Value: $2.99

4)   J.Cat Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in Bronze Creature – 5 grams (FULL SIZE)
Love this!  The colors are perfect and will give a really great natural look. I love that its small and compact too. Will fit nicely in my makeup bag!
Full Size: $4.00 My Value: $4.00

5)   ncLA Nail Polish in Prized Possesions - .5 oz. (FULL SIZE)
Grrr…another nail polish.  I actually really love the colors of this polish, but I know I would hate it on my fingers.  It’s has beautiful blue and purple glitter flecks. I have never ever put either of those colors on my nails though.
Full Size: $16.00 My Value: $16.00

6)   michael marcus Lip Plump - .17 oz. (FULL SIZE)
Well this is certainly something new I haven’t seen in a box before!  I wish it had some color to it. I would be more likely to use it. I tried it and I could see no visible different in my lips….but I could sure feel it! It has a fantastic peppermint scent to it, so I may use it for that alone!
Full Size: $20.00 My Value: $20.00

Final Cost: $22.00
Final Value: $56.33

I liked this box a lot better than last months!  It definitely had the “full face” theme going. I used both the eye shadow and the lip tint this morning….I love them!

The value is a bit lower than I’d like (compared to other, cheaper boxes that have the same or better value) but overall I liked this box.

What do you think?

If you’d like to sign up…..use my referral number? Pretty please?  It’s 385223.

(Also, I swear I’m not a review blog….I just like sharing these fun things! I have not been compensated for this review.)

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  1. I really like the colours in that eyeshadow palette!

  2. Wow some really great goodies!!

    Happy New Year :)

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee



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