Friday, January 10, 2014

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl

As you know, both C and I LOVE football.  I mean, his job IS football. How could he not? 

What you may or may not know, is that in college he played for Michigan State.  He started all four years and absolutely loved it.

If you know anything about college football, you know that Michigan State has a very strong rivalry with another college…..the University of Michigan.  I learned early on that when talking about his team you cannot say just “Michigan.” You must say “Michigan STATE.” At first, I didn’t really get the distance, but after almost two years I definitely do! Michigan is a rival for many reasons, obviously proximity, but also because they are in the same conference, the Big 10.

So imagine my surprise when C comes home with tickets to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl game… which Michigan played Kansas State. Not that I would complain, I love football no matter what!

So off we went to the game, which was played at Arizona State University.  The stadium happens to be maybe 10 minutes from my house, so that was pretty awesome in itself.

Once we got there, we found out the tickets he was given were pretty dang awesome!  We were on the suite level and there was free food!  Too bad we had gone to dinner right before that. Wah wah. We could have really taken advantage of that free stuff!

Let me tell you something that wasn’t free though.  The stinkin beer!  We each got one beer while at the game and it cost us a whopping $22. Thankfully we tried to down a couple in the parking lot before we walked in.  We are cheap like that and I don’t care who knows it!

Since I knew it was going to be cold out, I decided to pin back my bangs and wear an ear warmer type headband.  Official term.  Seriously though, what are those things called?  My friend knitted this one for me a few years ago and it’s the only slightly warm thing I own for my head.  It just doesn’t get that cold here!

Trying to get him to stop talking and to take a picture
Still Trying
Success!  Even though its a terrible pic..
Honestly, this game was super boring. The final score was 31-14….Kansas State.  So yeah, Michigan lost. Woo hoo! So sorry if you are a Michigan fan….I have to root against you now by default. We got up from our seats around half time and never went back. It was that boring!

So that’s it!  The last football game I attended in 2014!  Too bad it was such a dud!
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  1. Glad to hear Michigan lost =) We have sooooooo long to go before Sun Devil football comes back around...womp womp

  2. haha I love the play by play of pics, that is too funny! Sorry it was boring, glad to know you didn't freeze your butt off!

  3. loved the bowl game and that BCS game with FSU and Auburn was heart stopping! seconds made the difference. it was fun to watch! i agree, when you are with a sports person, you just have to like it :)



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