Monday, January 6, 2014

Secret Santa!

I know it seems a little late since its after Christmas and all…but I thought I’d show you all what I got in the super awesome ZabrinaSecretSanta exchange!

At first I honestly thought I wasn’t going to get a package because mine came so late, but I got an email from Sabrina at Cattails + Cardigans saying mine had a mix-up at the post office and had to be re-sent.  Phew! 
The only clue I have as to who my secret santa was is that the outside of the package said it was from someone named Mindy! 
She sent me an adorable eye shadow palette shaped like a bow with a cute case, some body shimmer and a candy cane full of yummy m&ms! 

I love it all!

Thank you Mindy….whoever you are!!!

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  1. Wow it seems she knew exactly what sort of things you loved!

  2. Love the colours of that eyeshadow! And if you ever figure out who Mindy I would love to know where she found that candy cane chevron wrapping paper lol :)

  3. I'm glad you got a gift, even though it was late!



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