Friday, January 31, 2014

Book Club Time!

A few weeks ago I told you I had decided to join Bon’s Book Club and today is the day I’m talking about the first book, which was The Husbands Secret by LianeMoriarty

I just finished reading this a month or two ago, so I obviously didn’t read it again.  I really loved it! I loved how there was three separate stories and in the end they all came together in a crazy way. Also, the secret was not what I was expecting which made it even better.

Please note, if you haven’t read this, there are some small spoilers in the questions below….so beware!
 The book is told from the viewpoint of three women.  Which women did you like the most and why?  Whom did you dislike the most and why?
A: I think I liked Celia the best, because I felt most connected with her.  Her husband was the one the secret was about and I could feel the emotion she felt all the time. I could imagine myself in her shoes.  I disliked Rachel. For some reason, she felt whiney to me.  I know that’s terrible to say about someone who has lost a child, but it was almost as if years and years later she hadn’t healed at all. 

What would you have done if you had found out the secret that Celia did?  Did you agree with the way she handled it?  What is the "right" thing to do in a situation like that?
A: Oh man. I have no idea what I would do.  I know I would be a walking mummy like her.  I wouldn’t know how to process it at all. I honestly can’t tell you if I would have eventually done the same thing that she did as I think in the situation I would feel different.  I think there is definitely a difference between the moral thing to do and the “right at the time” thing to do.  I don’t think John and Celia did the moral thing.  But how could you after all of those years?

What was the point of the side story with Tess?  Do you excuse the way she acted during that week because of the uncertainty in her marriage?
A: I wasn’t completely sure of the side story with Tess.  I definitely don’t excuse the way she acted during that week, but I totally understand it.  Sometimes when C makes me mad I want to do things that I never would do otherwise to “get back” at him for how I am feeling.  *honest moment*

Do you believe the bike accident was adequate "penance" for what John Paul had done?
A: Absolutely not. John’s daughter shouldn’t have had to suffer to pay for her father’s actions. 

Did you like the resolution of the book?  Did you feel there was enough closure?
A: It’s been a month or two since I have read this, but I can say I remember feeling like it wasn’t enough. I didn’t feel like I got closure.  I think that is the only reason this book doesn’t resonate with me as one of my top favorites. 

Well there it is!  My first Bon’s Book Club discussion.
I think this month I was a little out of touch with this book and couldn’t answer the questions as deeply and thoughtfully as I wanted to because I honestly couldn’t remember some of it.  Hopefully next month will be better.

I can say I am not totally looking forward to February’s book, which is I am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot bythe Taliban by Malala Yousafzai. I am about 13% into it and I am just not captivated at all. I almost dread reading it. That’s not how it’s supposed to be with books! I sure hope it gets better!

Have you read it?   

Are you going to join in on the book club?

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  1. I actually have not read any of these! I will check them out!

  2. I've heard so much about the Malala book and I think she's an exceptional person but I've had no desire to read the book either for some reason. I'll be interested to hear what you think of it when you're done!



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