Monday, February 3, 2014


No, when I say October I am not talking about the month.

I am talking about this little lady :)
I am sure I have mentioned that I have a cat at some point, but I thought today I would show her off.
I got her at a shelter about four years ago after I had finally moved into my own place.  Yes, I did actually get her in October, but that’s not why I named her that.  I had always wanted to get an orange tabby cat and name it that, I just thought it was cute.  
When I went to the shelter and met all of the kittens, this one stood out to me.  At the time, her name was Artemis, which I believe is a Greek god (and even mentioned in the Bible). She was part orange tabby, but also looked part everything in the book!  The employee took her out of the cage and left the room to let me play with her.  

I pulled out some of the toys they had laying around and she began walking around and batting them.  She even cuddled up to me a bit.  When the employee came back in the room she was shocked. She told me Artemis NEVER did that. She mentioned she didn’t play with anyone and was always really scared.
That’s how I knew it was meant to be.

She has seriously been the best cat ever.  She has never destroyed anything I own (yes, I had her front paws declawed at 6 months) or made me angry. She has only “gotten sick” (if you know what I mean) once and that was when I fed her questionably outdated turkey. Whoops. 
She was addicted to the sink when she was little. I found her in it ALL the time!  I have pics of her growing the sink. See:
She is extremely smart. She rarely falls for laser pointers and knows how to open doors. She also knows she is not allowed on the bed, but she loves it, so she jumps up in the middle of the night when I am sleeping. I always wake up to her cuddled up right next to me. 
The day we moved in with C
Also, she can jump higher than most light switches, which is ridiculous. 

She also loves to hang out with me in the bathroom while I am getting ready each morning. She hears me get out of bed and meets me at the door.  She hangs out with me until I pull out the blow dryer, at which time she heads towards the door again to be let out. That’s because she is afraid of it!  She cowers in the corner if I have it on while she is in the room. 
She is the definition of “scaredy cat” for sure.
I love her to death and so does C.  I know he wouldn’t admit it to everyone, but it’s the truth.  I’ve caught the two of them playing together more times than I can count and I know he cuddles up with her when I am gone!
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  1. I have to admit, I'm not a cat person, but little teeny tiny kittens get me every time!

  2. Love this post! My cats are absolutely the loves of my life (plus my hubby!). I adore everything about them!

  3. Awwww, how adorable!
    My kitty loves to watch me get ready too. She's so fascinated by my mascara, I point the brush at her and question if she'd like some each time, hehe. She's also horrified every time I turn the hair dryer on. XD
    I do know that it hurts cats when blown on them though.
    Something to do with the way their fur and skin is made up.


  4. What a cutie! Pets bring so much joy to our lives... and yours is a little peanut!

  5. I got a cat from a shelter about 10 years ago. She ended up going feral and also costing us $300+ in vet bills right off the bat when she got sick and almost died. My newlywed husband was livid :) New follower from the Blog Hop!
    XO/Kelly @ Our Cone Zone

  6. She is adorable! Love learning about others' pets. :)



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