Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Boxy Charm Review - February

Time for my second Boxy Charm review!

I honestly got this box maybe a week after the second box, so I waited a little while to show you all. I didn’t want to do two in a row!

This box is $21.00 a month with free shipping and is a “beauty box subscription that surprises you each month with the best beauty products from popular and chic brands. Each box contains full size and luxury size beauty samples from our team’s preferred well-known brands.” They aim to cover a whole look from makeup to nails, which I really like. 
February’s Boxy Charm theme was “Sweetest Box” and like last month, the packaging was just adorable! It came in a sleek black box with a pink bowed tied on the side this time. Inside, there was a cute sticker on the tissue paper shaped like a candy heart that said “Sweet Heart” and then the items were resting on strips of various shades of pink paper! So stinkin cute.  All of the items had a lovey pink and red valentines feel to them too.
So without further ado….my second Boxy Charm! 

           1)     Mirabella Eye Definer in “Bronze”– .073 oz. (FULL SIZE)
            I wish I used eyeliners, but alas, this is not my thing.  It’s really a gorgeous color. 
            might try to somehow incorporate it into my look during C’s upcoming football 
            season. His team colors are bronze and teal!
Full Size: $19.00 My Value: $19.00

          2)    Eyelashi Hand tied false lashes– (FULL SIZE)
Well these are interesting!  They look a bit long for me, but I am sure I can get some use out of them! The book they came in is pretty great, there is an outside case and the inside tray slides out.  I can definitely see myself using this for other things in the future!
Full Size: $9.00 My Value: $9.00

3)  Pandora’s Makeup Box Blush in “Classic Pink”- .14 oz. (FULL SIZE)
This is seriously the cutest little blush container!  It had a paper flower that you slide off, then the case is a little magnetic flowery thing!  The blush inside almost looks nude, so my only worry is if it will show up on my face! 
Full Size: $18.00 My Value: $18.00

4)  Mirabella LA LA Lips in “Love Velvet” – .081oz. (FULL SIZE)
Ugh. You already know how I feel about red lip products.  Why the heck do I get so many of these??!?  Gggrr.
Full Size: $23.00 My Value: $23.00

5)  NARS Nail Polish in Anardana – .5 oz. (FULL SIZE)
I love that they sent such a well-known brand, but this just isn’t my color.  I don’t like anything bright on my nails.
Full Size: $12.00 My Value: $12.00

 Final Cost: $21.00
Final Value: $81.00

Um?  Five full size, great products and a value of almost 4 times what I paid?  I’d say that is pretty awesome! I really adore the theme and looks of these boxes. I have honestly saved them in hopes I can use them for something else someday!

I like this one more than the first box, so I am definitely going to keep this one going. I can’t wait to see what packaging they have next month!  Green maybe?!

If you’d like to get Boxy Charm, you can sign up here!

(Also, I swear I’m not a review blog….I just like sharing these fun things! I have not been compensated for this review.)
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  1. Mirabella is truly THE BEST makeup EVER!!!! Every product I use is Mirabella. I have stupid sensitive skin on my face, I break out from everything. Jane Iredale and Mirabella are two lines I have never had an issue with, which is kinda......A BIG DEAL! My mom owns a Salon & Spa, so thankfully I get my makeup fo' free from her, otherwise Mirabella would cause me to break the bank. She used to carry Jane Iredale and recently switched to Mirabella. Both are GREAT, high quality, long-lasting lines. I'm stupid excited to see them getting the publicity they deserve. I think Mirabella is above MAC in my book, also Urban Decay. <3 Love this!

  2. Thanks for the follow! I love the Boxy Charm idea -- I am looking for a gift for my best friend and this would be perfect. :)



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