Monday, February 10, 2014

Birchbox Man Review - February

(I know I usually do reviews on Wednesday...but I’m still recovering from birthday weekend!)

C got his third Birchbox man the other day.

This  was probably my least favorite of the three he’s gotten, but he still seemed to like it so that’s all that matters!

As I’ve said before, since the website really doesn’t give much info on what comes in the men's boxes…. I’ve started sharing what he gets, for as long as we keep this going.  This box is twice the cost of the women’s box at $20, but I think it’s worth it.  

The February Birchbox Man had a theme of “Go Time” and included:

          1)    Dr. Brandt  Pores No More Pore Refiner– .25 oz (SAMPLE SIZE)

Full Size: $45.00 1 oz. Value: $11.25

          2)    Gentleman’s Brand Co. Daily Moisturizer – 1 oz. (TRAVEL SIZE)

Full Size: $36.00 8.4 oz.  Value: $4.28

          3)    Schulz & Malley Brushless Shave Cream – 1 oz. (TRAVEL SIZE)

            Full Size: $18.00 8 oz. Value: $2.25

          4)    The Sasquatch Soap Co. Cedar Citrus Bar Soap – 1.2 oz. (SAMPLE SIZE)

Full Size: $6.00 5 oz. Value: $1.44

5)   Areaware Dipped Bottle Opener - (FULL SIZE)

      This is made from a piece of wood and a nail, its cool!

      Full Size: $14.00 Value: $14.00

Final Cost: $20.00
Final Value: $33.22

So that’s it, the February Birchbox man!  

The value of this is pretty bad, compared to other boxes I get which are usually several times the final cost. Bummer.

I think we will get this box one more month (Happy Valentine’s Day babe) and then give up.  Unless they seriously surprise me next time!  

If you’d like to order a box for any men in your life, you can click here!  It’s quite neat because you get to fill out a bit lengthy profile on the man and their likes and dislikes, skin type, hair type and even the type of man they are (sporty, geeky, techie).  
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  1. I'm disappointed because I got my dad a 3-month Birchbox man subscription for Christmas, and this was his last box. It was such a bummer! I really wish that it had been a better subscription. Maybe these were just a bad three months. I had been thinking about getting him a six-month subscription for his birthday in March, but I don't think that will happen.



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