Monday, December 30, 2013


I realized this weekend that I never recapped my Disney trip!

For our office holiday party, we got to hit up the park. My coworkers and I flew to LA, dropped off our bags in our adorable themed rooms at the Disneyland Hotel and hit the park! I didn't get a ton of photos because my phone lost battery pretty quickly and I didn't event think to bring a camera.  Whoops.

Here are some (admittedly pretty terrible) detail shots from the hotel:

In the hotel smelled like gingerbread too!

This is one of my favorite Disney quotes!
All I can really say is that Disneyland is truly magical during the Christmas holidays.  There is "snow" on Cinderella's castle, holiday decorations everywhere, the Haunted Mansion is overtaken by Jack Skellington and the "Nightmare Before Christmas" crew, main street smells like gingerbread, the characters wear holiday attire and even "It's a Small World" was covered in lights (or so I've heard....I didn't get to see that part).

Nothing beats the end of the day though. Seriously.  I can't get over it. It was truly magical. I know that sounds so cliche, but its the truth. The fireworks display is set to Christmas music, which is just lovely.  Then at the very end, once the finale is over, it starts snowing. There are little black boxes that start spitting out bubbles that smell light gingerbread as "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" playing in the background. Truly magical.
Terrible photo.....but you can see the "snow"

I want to go back with C during the holidays soooooo bad.  It's just not the same with co-workers haha.

I would highly suggest the Disneyland parks around the Christmas holiday!
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  1. OMG I loooove this!!! I went to Disneyland during Christmas with my youth group in high school one year and I remember it being so awesome and festive and everything you described!! But since high school was a while ago, I definitely want to go back sometime soon during the holidays!! AND I've never stayed at the Resort; that's on the bucket list too!!

  2. This looks like so much fun! All of the hotel details are so cute! I haven't been to disney in years but think it would be so fun to go during the holidays!

  3. SO FUN. I've never been to Dinseyland, only Disney World.

  4. office Christmas party at Disney??? where do you work? any job openings? lol

  5. oh how gorgeous!!! It would a be a great time to go there. i've only been when i was younger and agree a great magical place to go with your partner!!

  6. Seriously- I'm obsessed! :) Love all the Disney touches!

  7. Um....please tell me your job is hiring. I need a Disney fix SO BAD!



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