Monday, December 9, 2013


I have been getting beauty boxes for so long, I seriously love them.  C sees me get them in the mail and I always gush about what I get. Every. Single. Box.  He gets all of the details haha. A few months ago, he mentioned how he was jealous that girls get such cool things like this. 

Enter Birchbox Man!

I decided that for Christmas this year I would set him up with a box of his own.  I ordered it at the very end of November, because I wasn’t sure when the first one would arrive. Of course, they shipped it out that day and he got it last week.
Oh well, now he gets a super early Christmas gift!

The website really doesn’t give much info on what comes in the men’s boxes….so I thought I would share what he got.  This box is twice the cost of the womens box, but I think it was totally worth it!

Novembers Birchbox Man had a theme of “Man of the Year” and included:

  1. English Laundry Arrogant Shower Gel – 4 oz. (FULL SIZE)
        Full Size: $16.00 4 oz. Value:$16.00
  1. GO247  Face Scrub – 2 oz. (TRAVEL SIZE)
Full Size: $16.00 4 oz.  Value: $8.00
  1. Smoke Perfume Cologne – 1.5 oz (SAMPLE SIZE)
Full Size: $65.00 9 mL Value:$10.83
  1. Supersmile Ultimate Lip Treatment – .3 oz-ish  (SAMPLE SIZE)
Full Size: $24.00 .15 oz Value:$4.80
5)   The Knottery Bow Tie - (FULL SIZE)
Full Size: $32.00 Value: $32.00
6)  LA Fresh Shoe Shine Wipes - (2 wipes)
Full Size: $2.49 (for 3) Value: $1.66

Final Cost: $20.00
Final Value: $73.29

So that’s it, Novembers Birchbox man

I’d say that’s a pretty great value and I am sure C will use all of these things!  The Bow tie is the only thing I question, but he’s never had one so I think it’s a great addition to his wardrobe. Now we just have to google how to tie it…

Let me know if you guys would be interested in seeing what he gets for the next few months :)

If you’d like to order a box for any men in your life, you can click here

Their December box doesn’t ship until around the 25th so it would be a bit late for Christmas, but hey, that’s ok!

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  1. Wow I bet C will love all of these!

  2. I think it's so weird how the Birchbox for men is a different price and has more full sized items than Birchbox for women. I wish we could pick between a $10 and $20 version! Did you give it to C already? What does he think of it?

  3. ha! hahahaa! this is awesome. Sean would never go for it but I hope you continue posting these because I am entertained :)

  4. nice to meet you! i love snail mail too! that is why i do freebies! cool that C plays arena football, my love announces for the Jacksonville Sharks in arena football. i am sure you have heard him before! added you to my blog roll :) my blog:



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