Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It’s a Blate!

So this weekend I got to do something super awesome…..I had a blate with Jessa of Life of A Sports Wife!  Not only did we get to hang out, have lunch and do our Pretty Little Beauty Swap exchange (I’ll share more on that later), we got to go to the PAC 12 Championship game between my alma mater Arizona State and Stanford!

Jessa and I were paired up for the Pretty Little Beauty Swap that I host. I may or may not have purposely paired us up together because I knew we would get along great….and we did!  Not only does she love sports and live in Arizona, she lives only a mile away from me!  How crazy is that?!? She also once worked for the Arena Football League (that C plays in) which I thought was fun.
Heading to my first blate!

Anywho, we met up for an early dinner/late lunch.  I mean, what do you call a meal at 3:30 in the afternoon?!?  Then we headed over to the game.

Hangin out with Sparky!
The atmosphere was electric!  The students had camped out for days just to get good tickets, so obviously they were pumped. And so was I!  It wasn’t just a regular ole’ game, it was the PAC 12 Championship game!

Of course I had to add Standfords weird tree mascot!
I wish I could report a good outcome, but alas, ASU did not do so great. In fact, it was pretty terrible. About halfway through I began to lose hope :(  It would have really been great if they had won….they would have ended up playing C’s team (Michigan State) in the Rose Bowl!  It would have been our first “house divided” experience.

I had so much fun! Thank you Jessa for inviting me!

I’m pretty sure this will go down in history as the most awesome first blate ever!

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  1. What a fun blate! I love Jessa's blog and football. Totally jealous of you two :)

  2. Soooo I'm wondering how I've never found your blog before, because I live in AZ too!! And I'm a Sundevil too!! And finding other bloggers with not one, but two of those qualities is pretty fantastic. So jealous you got to go to the game; it was a bummer of an outcome, but I try not to let myself get to mad about it, we got beat by the best, won 10 games and still get to play in a bowl game, and it's only Graham's 2nd year, so I can't wait to see where the program goes from here! So happy to have found your blog! Go Devils! =)

  3. I was also totally hoping for a Michigan State vs Arizona State Rosebowl too =( . My mom's side of the family all went to Michigan State and a few of them are snowbirds and live here in the winters, so I was totally ready to razz them and give them a hard time if MSU and ASU got together. Ah well, maybe next year?! ...and I'm done, now that I've left two comments on one post. I don't do this all the time. I promise. =)

  4. Now THAT is an epic blate right there!!! Jessa is so sweet, and you just can't go wrong with football, of course! :) I cannot believe you guys live less than a mile apart--- thank goodness for blogging!!

  5. Yay! I am so glad you two were able to hangout!

  6. that is an awesome blate! can't beat college football!



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