Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Ok so you know how I told you all about my little accident?

I just have to say that I am so THANKFUL that I had it!!!

How can that be, you ask?

On Friday I took my car to the dealership to be checked out because the airbag sensor light has been flashing since the accident. Obviously, that’s not a good thing. It’s definitely not safe and I shouldn’t have let it go on as long as I did, but getting to the dealership is tough for me because I work during the day and it’s about 25 miles away. I was told I couldn’t have the light checked just anywhere, it had to be Nissan because of their computer systems, so that’s why I didn’t just stop at any old place (I tried that first).

Anyways, since I was getting off of work early I took it in to be looked at. When I got the call from the service rep, I was shocked. Turns out my air bag sensor system had completely failed….BEFORE my accident. Meaning, had my accident been worse, the airbags still wouldn’t have gone off. The sensor had completely failed. The fact that the light came on after my fender bender was a complete coincidence.
If I hadn’t gotten into the accident (thankfully it was so minor) I could have been killed someday in an accident that was worse because my airbags would have never gone off.

So scary to think about. I know that God completely protected me.

Sometimes the things in life that we think are terrible or not fun or are wasting our time are God’s gentle nudge to keep us safe. We often never know what he is doing to keep us out of harm’s way!

Are you thankful for anything really weird?

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  1. This called "Everything happens for a reason." Even accidents, now I know God has better plans than ours every time. Glad you're okay :)

  2. It's exactly like Areeba said; everything happens for a reason :)

  3. Wow! It's great they caught it and were able to fix it. Even better that you are OK and not hurt!

    I had a 2010 Altima and I was in an accident where a driver cut in front of me so I T-boned him. My airbags didn't go off and my car was totaled. Nissan said the same thing...airbag sensor failure. I'm thankful that I didn't have any broken bones in a head on collision!

    P.S. I love your blog! I've kinda blog-stalked you :)



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