Tuesday, July 30, 2013


“To the person saying them, words are just words.  But to the person hearing them, words are often everything.”
This is probably the truest statement I’ve ever come up with.
For me, when someone says something to me, I take it to heart.  No matter what.  If it’s said in anger or just in passing, I completely envelope what was said to me and believe that person meant it to their very core.
Obviously, this is a problem.  I have tried to not let things affect me, but I just can’t do it.  I am so hurt by what people say to me sometimes that I can’t focus.  I spend days thinking about what they said.
I know I am over-reacting, but I can’t help how I feel.  
How do you learn to let the words people say not hurt you? How do you get past it?
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1 comment:

  1. I always make people hurt me :(

    But you're blog is amazing! you're a pretty woman! So don't let anyone hurt you! much love!!



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