Monday, July 8, 2013

Santa Barbara - Part 1

Oh man, Santa Barbara was beautiful! We will definitely be going back there someday!

We actually flew into Burbank airport in LA (about 2 hours from Santa Barbara) because we were planning on going to Six Flags.  After we had checked into our hotel though, we decided not to go because it just didn't seem worth the money.  So I took C to my favorite place in California, Malibu.  We also stopped in Venice Beach to walk along the board walk.  That area is just so fun.

After a night in our first hotel, where they just gave us way too many pillows on our bed (not), we headed up to Santa Barbara.  It was a beautiful drive!  I think we saw about 30 fruit stands on the way up. Finally, we decided to stop at the "next" one.  Turns out there wasn't a next one for another hour.  I thought we had missed it!  About 20 minutes before we hit Santa Barbara we saw this one and stopped.  The strawberries were amazing and great for our wine tasting later in the week!


We arrived in Santa Barba, checked into our hotel and immediately left again for some adventure.  The weather was just beautiful (especially since we came from Phoenix) so we wanted to spend a lot of time outside.  First we went to the zoo (those pics will be up next) and then we headed to the beach to rent some bikes. It was awesome.


The next pic is from Stern's Wharf. You can see the beach with the city and the mountains in the background. It felt like the whole city was surrounded by the mountains and beautiful greenery.  Just breathtaking.

After spending time on the wharf and browsing through the little shops there we headed back to our hotel.  We grabbed a bottle of wine at the store and went to the hot tub. I'm pretty sure I passed out before 10pm that night! 
Next up: The Zoo!
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  1. Y'all are disgustingling adorable. Looks like it was a great time!

  2. This looks like a great time!

  3. Nice post, it looks like you had fun! I'm trying to get motivated to go to our local Saturday Morning Market here so maybe this post was the push I needed.


    New Post!

  4. Ahh! I am in Phoenix, and going to San Diego in 2 weeks. This makes me so excited :))

    Found you courtesy of Jess @ Life of a Sport's Wife!



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