Monday, October 6, 2014


You guys I am so tired these days. Wait, scratch that, I am exhausted. I have been working all day and then coming home to try and organize our new home.  Yes, we moved in over a month ago, but then we have a wedding and a honeymoon and everything is still just an utter mess!  There just aren’t enough hours in the day and so blogging has kind of taken a back seat.

That being said, I thought I’d let you know what we are currently up to!


While we are on the subject, I thought I’d show you what is really holding us up in the whole “settling in” process.  That would be our kitchen cabinets. We decided when we moved in we were going to stain or paint them before moving anything into the kitchen.

It was a terrible idea. 

We purchased the Rustoleum cabinet transformations kit from Lowes and got to work.  The kit itself is amazing….but it takes soooooo much work.  Like hours and hours. And hours. They were an ugly brown-ish orange color and we are turning them into a beautiful chocolate brown, which is the only thing that makes us push forward.

This gives you a good idea of the process.  Thankfully, that whole side is now almost complete.

Bad news is….now we have to do this whole side!

Here's a closer look at the two side by side:

I seriously can’t wait until these are done.  I think they look amazing and the color looks beautiful with our countertops, but time consuming would be a serious understatement!


Well now through February is considered “off-season” for C.  Good news is that while I am sad I don’t get to watch my hubby play football, there is still plenty of football to be viewing!  Football year round is a glorious thing.

C surprised me after the Arena Bowl in August by telling me he had signed for another year which is really exciting.  Next up are contract negotiations, which should hopefully happen in the next week or two.  It will be nice to know what to plan for next season.

Currently he is working at Crate and Barrel (hello discount!) while he studies to pass the insurance exam. I know right? Insurance?  Ew.  It just sounds terrible to me, but it’s something he really wants to do!  And it’s something he can definitely do during the season with flexible hours, which is awesome.


As you’ve seen on the blog, since the last update I finished InCold Blood by Truman Capote, Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Calahan and Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. You can click on the links to read my reviews.

Two other books I read while on my honeymoon were I Didn’t ComeHere to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain by Cortney Robertson (from the Bachelor) and Still Missing by Chevy Stevens.  Both were great books!

If you have ever watched the Bachelor or Bachelorette TV show I would highly recommend I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends. It was absolutely fantastic.  It was a very easy read (I think I finished it in two days while on my honeymoon) but that didn’t make it any less exciting.  I had watched Cortney’s season and it was very interesting to hear about the show in general from someone’s point of view.  I have to say, even though she was portrayed as a villain, hearing it from her side almost makes me feel sympathetic towards her! There were tons of behind the scene details about the show which I really found interesting; I couldn’t put the book down.

Still Missing was very good as well; I would put it in the same category as Gone Girl.  A crazy story to start with and then lots of twists as you get deeper into it.  It was a bit uncomfortable when I was reading it because it is about a Real Estate Agent that gets abducted while showing a house.  If you have paid attention to the news at all lately….there was just a Real Estate Agent that was abducted while showing a house in real life.  Creepy! 


Ok, I love fall!  Soooo many new TV shows!
I’m pretty sure we recorded 15-20 new shows.  Is that sad? I mean, that’s a lot of TV!  We decided though we will give each show that sounded slightly interesting a chance and weed the bad ones after after watching an episode or two.

One that I instantly connected to was How to Get Away With Murder.  I hope that this show is able to keep it up.  A lot of new shows have a few awesome episodes and then have nowhere to go.

Another show that I forgot to mention that’s almost over (sad face) is 4th and Loud.  This show is on AMC and it follows the new Arena Football team the LA KISS in their first season.  The team is owned by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons (of the rock band KISS) and the show is really interesting.  If you’ve ever been interested in what goes on behind the scenes in football, I recommend this show.   C and his team have made several appearances and I even had like a 10 second cameo. Woot!  I’m famous now guys!

Well that’s all for now.  I am really hoping to have some wedding pictures soon for you….why must photographers take so long?!?

Any book recommendations or awesome fall TV shows you think I should check out!?
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  1. I didn't know she wrote a book! I also watched her season and found her ridiculous. I'll have to red that! And I just watched the first two episodes of How to Get Away With Murder yesterday and am addicted. Can't wait to see what happens in it this season!

  2. I love those cabinet colors I just redid my kitchen and choose a color not far off from this one too... I have been watching How to Get Away with Murder as well and love it so far I hope the story fleshes out well it looks soo good so far.



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