Friday, October 10, 2014

Starbox Review - September

Starbox time!  

Just in case you don’t know, Starbox is a monthly beauty box that is $15 a month (plus a few dollars S&H) and comes with 3-4 FULL SIZED products each time.  No tiny lotion samples!
The website says the makeup line is comparable to MAC, Chanel, Sephora and other department store lines.  It also says that the value of each monthly box ranges from $35.00 to $99.00.

This is the third time I have had to call Starlooks (who produces Starbox) because of a missing box.  Their computer system is honestly terrible.  This time it had completely dropped my subscription, though I hadn’t done anything different or even been on the website. Thankfully, they have great customer service and they sent out a box immediately and refunded my money for this month.

The theme of this box is “Here Comes the Bride.”   I can say as a September bride this year, used one product similar to these, but I could see how a few may be considered bridal as well.

Here it is….the September Starbox!  

      1)     Starlooks Lip Liner in “Roseate” -  .14 oz  (FULL SIZE)
Here we go again with another nude/rose colored lip liner.  I am not a fan of lip liners so this is useless to me. This one claims to be so versatile that “it can stand as a lipstick alone, or be paired with any neutral or bold lip color you desire.”  All I can say is that is quite a claim!  I highly doubt it is true though. 
Full Size: $12.00 My Value: $12.00

      2)    Starlooks Kohl Eye Pencil in “Oracle”  - .14 oz. (FULL SIZE)
I think this is definitely the main product I received that I would NOT have used          
on my wedding day. I went for classic black liner, as I assume many other brides do  
as well! I just do look right with anything other than black, so though this is pretty, it 
will not be getting any use from me.
Full Size: $12.00 My Value: $12.00

      3)    Starlooks Eye Shadow in “Tan Glow” - .11 oz. (FULL SIZE)
Contrary to a lot of brides, I went with golden and brown hues and even added some sage green (one of my wedding colors) to my eye shadow.  This color would have worked perfectly for me.  I can’t see many other brides using though, as most tend to choose “natural” or light “smokey eye.”  I don’t think this bronze color would work for them.  It really is a beautiful color though, I can’t wait to use it!
Full Size: $12.00 My Value: $12.00

      4)    Starlooks False Lash Set #FL9 - (FULL SIZE)
Before my wedding I got eyelash extensions so I didn’t need to use falsies that day.  Had I needed them though, this would have been a great pair to use.  They are definitely bride worthy!  I will be hanging on to these for future special events for sure.
Full Size: $13.00 My Value: $13.00

Final Cost: $17.58
Final Value: $49.00

As I was a September bride this year, I love that this was the theme.  Too bad it came a few weeks AFTER my wedding!  I am happy with half the items in this box, which I guess would be a win.  If I were a fan of lip liners and eye liners, I would probably like these as well. The colors are perfect, I just don’t use those specific products.

What do you think?

If you’d like to try Starbox you can sign up here!

(Also, I swear I’m not a review blog….I just like sharing these fun things! I have not been compensated for this review.)
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