Wednesday, October 8, 2014

On Marriage

Good news!  Our wedding photos are finally being attended to by our photographer!

Bad news....we still have to wait until October 18th to get them.  Womp womp.

Why must this process take so long?!

We've been married for a month already, which I just can't believe.  We sat down last night and watched a rough cut video of the day that my friend and her father recorded.  I still cried just watching it.

I can honestly say that marriage does not feel a single bit different that being engaged or even dating.  It's kind of weird actually. I was expecting some being change, maybe because thats what we are lead to believe by TV and media these days? So much of what we hear these days on marriage is negative.  Men are lead to believe that it is basically a miserable "trap", which I think is terrible. Why is that?

Yes, I am sure our changes were less striking because we had already been living together, but I still expected something to feel different.  Anything.  We looked at each other multiple times on our honeymoon and exclaim that we were now married, now labeled a husband and wife.  Then we would discuss how it didn't feel any different!

You know what though?  I am thankful that there wasn't a change.  Just because we now have a piece of paper that says we are officially one and I am in the process of changing my name, doesn't mean that things have to be different.  Things were great before and they are going to continue to stay great!

What about you?  Did life drastically change after you were married? Did it feel different?

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