Monday, October 13, 2014

Jacuzzi Tub Love

One thing C and I always dreamed about having in our future home was a a jacuzzi tub.   I love taking baths and C would too...if he could fit.

One of our first decisions when we bought our new house was to of course, put in a jacuzzi tub! We honestly weren't sure of the costs at all, so I called a friend who does some interior design work. her brother actually does remodeling, so I pretty much hit the jackpot there.

To start the process, we searched through tons on tile options, tons of tub options and tons of faucet and accessory options. I mean seriously, there are so many choices out this.  It's quite a scary process too, because its really hard to get a good idea of what the final will look like with just a small piece of tile in front of you. After making our fnal choices, the cost was totally under what we were expecting, so we went for it. They started the work as soon as we left for our Honeymoon.

Previously in our master bathroom (which is pretty small, womp womp) there was a stand up, enclosed shower.  It looked about 20 years old, full of grime, mold and rust.  Not pretty.  Plus, the water faucet was to low for C, he had to bend his knees for it to get water to the top of his head. He also had a tough time moving around in such a small enclosed space. Heck, I did too, I can't imagine how bad it was for him!

I wish I would have taken better "before" pictures but this is all I have:

You can see where the shower was, all that is missing is the glass (plastic?) enclosure. Also, you'll notice that there is a cabinet to the right of the shower. Unfortunately that had to go to. With the disappearance of that cabinet (really the only storage in the room besides the small sink area) I choose to move my "getting ready" place to our guest bathroom.

From there it moved on to this:

And then this:

Which, holy cow.  That a little tough to see while you are halfway on the other side of the world!  I guess its probably better that we weren't home though.

The good news though, is when we got home, it looked like this:

I love it! I'm not sure it could have looked any better in my mind.  The colors of the tile bring in all of the browns on the wall and cabinets, but the greys easily match the grey theme we have going on in our adjoining bathroom.  Not to mention, the shower head is super high.  C won't have a problem at all! We also chose to update the accesories in the bathroom like the towel bars and the sink faucet, so the whole room flows nicely.  I am so so happy with it!

Anybody have a jacuzzi tub?  Any tips or recommendations for me?  I've already learned the hard way that bubble bath (no matter how little you use) is not a good idea.  Yeah, I did that. Whoops!

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  1. it looks nice. they did a great job. what a nice surprise to come back too after the honeymoon.

  2. Woo! It looks absolutely perfect!!! I swear, every blog post I'm reading in the past few days is a house update/renovation lol! It's making me SERIOUSLY want to do some major updating in our old house!

  3. Hi, Justine! Great thinking on adding a bath tub in your bathroom. Every girl needs a good soak once in a while, candles and flowers optional. Haha! I hope you get to enjoy your new tub and your newly renovated bath! Enjoy!

    Mira Hastings @



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