Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday I'm in Love....with Tiny Prints!

Well you guys, Tiny Prints has done it again! I seriously love their stuff.

This time, I ordered things in a few some new formats.

First, with the Pretty Little Beauty Swap coming up and being paired with my co-creator, Chelsee from Southern Beauty Guide, I thought it would be perfect to get her an extra special little treat!  I decided upon a customized notepad in the color and style of her blog.  I had so much fun looking through the different options and choosing one that I thought suited her well.  I was able to put her blog name on it, so now she can write little notes! She wrote about it a bit in her swap reveal as well here
 I chose the Fine Flair in you love it?

Next, I looked into note cards and thank you notes for my own blog. I had a bit of trouble finding exactly what I wanted (I was really gunning for the pink color and gold sparkles together) but in the end I think what I found was perfect! 

For note cards I chose Radiant Ripeness.  I loved the tiny gold polka dots!

For thank you notes I chose Grateful Glitter. I thought these were closest to my blog theme.

 I especially love the Thank You notes.  The little heart and the script just make me happy :)

Have you used Tiny Prints yet?

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  1. Gorgeous notecards!! I also love the gold polka dots. c:
    Sounds like a fun swap!! :D


  2. I have seriously got to order some for personal use. I LOVE the notepad you sent me!

  3. Love those cute touches - just love them! Especially the personalized ones :)

  4. These are great! I'm not sure which I love more the cards or the notebook!



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