Friday, October 18, 2013

I Don't Have the Plague!

First of all, I have been totally under the weather for almost two weeks now. It is driving me nuts…I just can’t shake it!  I only spent a few days in bed, but I have this terrible cough that just won’t go away.  Do you know how people look at you when you have a cough? Like you have the plague!  It’s not fun.
I finally broke down and went to one of those little health clinics in Walgreens. I can’t say enough about those clinics, they are great. It’s the same cost as going to my regular doctor, but I can just drop in any time I want.  My doctor usually tries to give me an appointment two weeks out….hello I am sick now!
Anywho the nurse practitioner seems to think my cough is acid reflux related, but I think she’s nuts.  I don’t think you randomly get sick and spend days in bed from acid reflux….not to mention I don’t have any heartburn. Oh well, I’m going to take the meds anyways! I’m really hoping I can kick it this weekend.
While I have been sick C has been very gracious and we have watched A LOT of TV. You guys, starting last Monday we have watched almost 2 1/2 seasons of the Walking Dead!  How crazy is that?  We only have 4 episodes left until we are completely caught up.  I can’t believe we watched it that fast.

I also can’t believe I like it so much!  I am not a huge fan of zombies and such, but this show is really good. I thought for sure I’d hate it, but alas, I am now a fan of zombies.  Do you watch the Walking Dead?  I finally see what all the hype is about!
I’ve also had a little more time to read while being sick.  I tried to take a couple of baths to see if that helped and I usually read a lot during them.  I tried Epsom salts…I didn’t really see any difference from a regular bath though. Is there a right way to do an Epsom salt bath? I am almost completely finished with the Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls and I still don’t like it.  I think maybe it’s because I am so angry at the parents for the way they treated their children? Has anyone else read this book? My next book will be Inferno by Dan Brown. C started it Monday and is almost halfway through.  I think that means it is good right?
Speaking of C, he surprised me with this piece of awesomeness from Sephora the other day!  I mean, looks at all of those lip glosses and lipsticks!!!  It’s quite amazing. He knows I am addicted to lip products and surprised me with it last Thursday night. It was great timing because I was a little mad about something and that fixed it right up. I totally forgot what I was even mad about.  I hope that taught him a mini lesson hehe. 

At first I thought a lot of the colors were intimidating, but I am breaking out of my shell!  I've already worn a deep red, a bright red and a bright pink! I have tried a few others as well, this kit is seriously awesome!
Well that’s it for my life right now….how is everyone else?!?Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  1. Wow, that was so nice of C to get you that box! I love it!!

    Sorry that you've been sick. That totally sucks, and coughs are the worst. :( I've done the Epsom salt bath thing and few times, and I have been able to tell a difference a couple of times. The main thing I did is make sure the water was really hot, and then I stayed in the bath for at least a full half hour, adding more hot water as needed. The goal, I think, is to sweat a lot. The salts tend to work as like, a pulling agent, and of course the heat from the water helps you sweat, too.

    I hope you feel better soon, and have a great weekend! :)

  2. Oh thats a series I've really been meaning to watch as I'm not into zombies flicks/shows either....but you may have just convinced me to give it a go :) Hope the cough goes away soon. They are the worst, especially when you get the tickle and you just can't get rid of it....and you are always on a bus or somewhere public when that happens!!!!

  3. I was shocked by how much I liked Walking Dead too! And might need to get one of those lip sets for myself.

  4. I hope you feel better soon!
    I am not a fan of zombies either .. I've heard that show is great but I have too much to watch as it is and my DVR is screaming at me!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo



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