Saturday, February 14, 2015

Week 25

What's Going on in There?
This week he is the size of a califlower! He is about 13.5 inches and probably about a pound a half.  I also read my uterus is the size of a soccer ball these days. Holy cow, that’s huge! Little man is gaining a sense of gravity these days so he can now tell which way is up or down. He’s also really starting to gain some fat. Grow little man, grow!

Maternity Clothes? 
Yep!  One of my mom’s clients just gave me a huge trash bag of her old maternity clothes from fancy places like a A Pea in the Pod, so I am quite excited. It’s like a whole new wardrobe!
Broke the 160 mark yesterday….boo. Sitting around 17 pounds gained total.  I do have to say, and this will sound odd, I like the way in which my body has gained weight.  I’d say maybe each week or two, the scale jumps 2 or so pounds in one day which makes me quite sad. The next day though, I am back down to where I was and I gradually move up to those two pounds again within the next week.  It’s like my body prepares me for what’s to come with the number on the scale and then gives me time to get used to that so it doesn’t feel so painful when it’s for real!  This has probably happened at least 4-5 times, which is kind of weird.
Stretch Marks? 

Oh my goodness yes.  Little man is moving like crazy these days.  I read the next three weeks is when I will feel his movements the most since he is getting bigger plus he still has some room to wiggle a lot!
Food Cravings? 
Not really….just you know….ice cream. Everyday.
Anything Making you Queasy or Sick? 
Not at all, yay!

What I Miss? 
Nothing really this week!

My belly is starting to itch which is no fun.  Wearing maternity pants up and over it is really making the problem worse!
Labor Signs? 
Not at all

Bouncing baby boy!
Belly Button In or Out?
You guys, my belly button is officially flat.  It’s soooo weird.  I honestly didn’t think this would happen, especially this quick! Sometimes it even sticks out a bit, depending on how I am sitting/standing.
Wedding Rings On or Off? 
On!  I can still twirl them pretty easily….hoping it stays that way!
I’ve had a bit of insomnia this week which really hasn’t been fun. I wake up in the middle of the night to pee….then lay there for what seems like hours trying to fall back asleep. Of course, right as I do, my alarm goes off. No Bueno.  I’m quite proud of myself from the Vegas trip though, after driving 5 hours we arrived there around 10pm on Friday night.  I stayed awake until 4am!  I have no clue how I did that.  I even woke up the next morning an hour before our alarm at 8:30 which is just crazy.  I paid for it a bit this week though…
What I'm Looking Forward To? 
I think C and I are going to do the 3D ultrasound in a few weeks (around 28 weeks).  I can’t wait for that!  I want to see even more what little man looks like!  C thinks ultrasounds are creepy which is so weird to me, I think they are incredible!  Since he loves me though, he’s willing to go with me and even part with the money to get it done :)

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  1. Loving these updates and cute pics!! Happy Valentine's Day!!



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