Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wedding Day - First Look

I finally have some more wedding photos for you! 

We chose to do a first look for our wedding, which I am happy with.  At first I was adamant on the first time he saw me on our wedding day being the moment I walked down that aisle.  I didn't want it any other way.  But over time after hearing input from friends and our photographer, I changed my view.  

First, our portraits with the group and family were able to be done before the ceremony which saved us a TON of time after the ceremony.  C and I took our shots together after the ceremony and we were still probably gone an hour.  Had we needed to take group and family shots, it would have likely taken another hour.  

Also, one of my bridesmaids E pointed out how amazing it would be to be able to actually give him a hug and a kiss after that special moment.  We wouldn't have to wait through the entire ceremony for that.  It was a great feeling to actually be able to talk about our feelings and express our love in a private conversation beforehand.

Finally?  Hello makeup reapplication!  I was able to go inside and fix everything up after the tears :)

Honestly this didn't change how I felt going down the aisle either.  There are photos of both of us with the oddest faces because we are just trying to breath and hold it all together.  Walking down the aisle for real was still VERY special, regardless of the fact that he had already seen how I look!  It was still exciting too, because though he had seen me, no else had!

Ok, that's my two cents on First Looks. Now on to the photos!

He was showing off his outfit :)

I got deodorant all over him...I was trying to get it off!

As I really wanted the First Look to be a private moment between C and I, I asked everyone in the Bridal cottage (which was where we did the photos) to please give us our privacy.  I just really didn't want everyone staring at us!  The girls gave us our privacy....for a few minutes.  Then they all peeked!  I thought these pics were cute. I love the smile on my mommas face!

Next up, the ceremony!
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  1. These are beautiful photos! I can really see the love on both of your faces.

  2. OMG... I LOVE these!!! You two are so happy, sweet and in love. =)



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