Monday, February 2, 2015


So yeah, its been way too long since I have given everyone an update on what C and I are up to these days!

As you all know I am currently growing a little tiny human being….so that has taken up my life!


So we moved in at the very end of August last year.  We had a wedding, a honeymoon and then found out we were expecting.  The house and the decorating became a low priority to me because it was just too exhausting.

That is, until last week!  I went a little nuts with my “nesting” and spent the weekend shopping and decorating not one, not two, not three, but FOUR rooms in our house! Our master bath is completely done, the master bedroom is almost there, one of the guest bedrooms is fully decorated and the guest bathroom (and main bathroom in our home) is almost done too.  Craziness!  Hopefully soon I can get some pics up for you all!

Last I wrote we were working on re-doing our kitchen cabinets.  They were this awkward orangey brown color and we just didn’t love them.  We started this work in September and then boom, hello baby!  I had to quit working on them due to dangerous fumes and C was on his own.  I am happy to say, these are FINALLY almost done!  All the visible spots are complete, we just have to do the side of the cabinet that faces the fridge. I am so excited! We finally have all of our stuff in the cabinets and a real, live working kitchen!

Next up is baby Noah’s nursery.  I’ve got lots of ideas in my head, I just have to now execute!  We just sold the queen bed that is currently in the room, so once that is gone we can set up his furniture and I can get started.  His crib still being in the box is driving me nuts. I want to set it up sooooo bad!

As for our break in, we are finally almost back to normal.  It was such a bummer to deal with and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but there was a little good that came from it.  New stuff is sometimes exciting J  The police haven’t found any suspects and I don’t think they ever will.  We’ve since beefed up our security big time and are trying to move on.


C is still working full time in the off-season at Crate and Barrel. That time is coming to an end though, he reports for training camp at the beginning of March!  I can’t believe the season is almost here again.

I think he has gotten a tiny bit of the nesting bug as well, he has been excited to help decorate, working really hard to finish our cabinets and even completely organized our garage the other day!


Oh man, I have read a lot of books since this last update!  

First off, for book club I read and posted on both Wonder and Z. You can find those reviews here and here.

Next up, I read several books on my own.  My favorite of these was the Racketeer byJohn Grisham.  Oh man, this book was soooo good!  I know Grisham writes a lot of lawyer type books, but I have never really read them because of that. A friend suggested this book and I am so glad she did.  It had great suspense, I was totally engaged the whole time. It has lots of twists and turns too and keeps you guessing until the end, which I love!

Other books I read were Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy, Dad is Fatby Jim Gaffigan, Uganda Be Kidding Me by Chelsea Handler and the Tao of Marthaby Jen Lancaster, who is my favorite author.  Belly Laughs is a “truth about pregnancy” book that took me about a day and a half to read.  I’m not sure I read anything I didn’t already know though. Dad is Fat and Uganda Be Kidding me were mildly funny, but nothing to write home about.  The Tao of Martha wasn’t really my favorite either.  I used to really love Jen Lancaster books, but I think that is starting to change.  I think she needs to switch up how she does things, many of her books are quite similar.

I also read My Story by Elizabeth Smart for Bon’s Book Club, but that got pushed out until February of this year, so you will see my review then. Finally, I am currently reading Where’d You Go Bernadette by MariaSemple.  I’m over 60% through with it and its finally starting to get a little better, but I don’t have high hopes for it.

Clearly I need help choosing my next few books. I have not done good recently!  Any suggestions?


Oh man, C and I are sooooo behind on our TV watching!  We got caught up during the “fall break” most TV series take, but the day after we did that all the shows got started back up again. So now we have multiple episodes of all the shows we watch piling up again. 

The only show I ever watch religiously on the day that it airs… the Bachelor. Yes, so lame I know, but I just can’t help it.  My co-workers and I even have a bet going this season haha. We all picked our top three girls based on only the contestants pictures before the season started.  Whoever picks the girl that goes the farthest wins the pot!  I have high hopes for the two girls I have left (Jade and Kaitlyn if you are wondering) but I’m not sure either will become Mrs. Chris Soules.  I guess we will see!  (Please no spoliers if you already know).

Even though our DVR is pretty full, are there any must-watch shows I could be missing?!

Now that I finally have another laptop I am hoping to start back up with the wedding photos.  I just have to find the time (and energy) to set up all the posts for you all!  Hopefully soon!
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  1. enjoy the upcoming AFL season too! i hope our men come back to it! so cute with the nesting. enjoy!



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