Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lip Factory Review - March

Time for another Lip Factory beauty box review! 

To me, this box is like Ispy, but with more full sized products. 5-7 full sized products to be exact! If you have the money ($22), this is a good one to spring for! They aim for a “full face” of makeup, but their main focus is…lips of course!   This box comes a little later in the month too which I like because it really spaces out the awesome mail that I get!

Last month I didn’t really love this box so much, because the colors were just all wrong for me.  I did some research and they did have a beauty profile I could fill out.  I made sure to mention I don’t like bright pink or red lip products.  Let’s see if they did any better!

This month’s theme was “It’s All About the Lips.” Last time they had this theme I was really bummed because I got a ton of reds and bright colors that I would never wear.  I was seriously crossing my fingers when I opened this package!
Here it is….the March Lip Factory box!  

           1)     Jesse’s Girl Lip Liner in “Bubble Gum” – 0.4 oz.  (FULL SIZE)
A bright pink lip liner. Yay. Not. I never use lip liners and this one looks especially….well….painful.  I feel like if I used it, it would cut me.  Thankfully it is cheap so I don’t feel like it’s a huge waste.
Full Size: $1.99 My Value: $1.99

            2)    Jesse’s Girl Vitamin E Lip Treatment – 3.8 g (FULL SIZE)
Lip Factory got really lucky on this one.  At first glance, I was not happy.  Another clear lip product?  Then I remembered that I was actually looking for a good lip treatment I could apply after using my lip scrub (which I have been trying to do more often).  I’m actually glad for this!
Full Size: $3.00 My Value: $3.00

            3)    Ellovi Lip Butter– (FULL SIZE)
Again, lucky guess for Lip Factory on this one! I would have normally been pretty bummed I got a clear product (let alone two) but I was actually looking for something like this! I admit, I wish this one had color too it, but I am sure it will be great for hydrating my lips under lipstick. *I have since tried this and it is very drying to my lips. I gave it away.*
Full Size: $5.00 My Value: $5.00

4)   Mirenesse Lip Bomb in “#13” – .11 oz. (FULL SIZE)
Well this seems interesting. It came in such big packaging that I wasn’t sure what would be inside!  I was pleasantly surprised with the color. This is supposed to be a long lasting, super moist color, so I hope it does its job! I have to admit though, the price is ludacris.  I would never spend that much money on a lip gloss!
Full Size: $34.90 My Value: $34.90

5)   Cargo Lip Gloss Quad in “South Beach” - .16 oz. (FULL SIZE)
I was kind of scared to open this too….I was really hoping I would like the colors.  And I did!  They are all pretty much perfect for me. I don’t love that I have to dig my fingers in there though, because I always get it under my nails. It’s also a bit large, but I guess if I am just carrying this around (and not 30 other lip products like I normally am) it’s not too bad.
Full Size: $24.00 My Value: $24.00

Final Cost: $22.00
Final Value: $68.89

Haha the final value of this box is 29 cents more than last month.  That sounds almost too good, like this thing is rigged!

Well dang.  I said I really liked it above, but this box seriously bummed me out.  There is maybe one product I will actually use so it was definitely not worth the price to me. Others may love these items, but they just aren’t my style. I will give this one last chance next month and if I don’t love it, I’m not keeping it.  I think I may email them too, maybe see if there is something in my beauty profile that makes them think I want these red and pink lip products?

What do you think?

If you’d like to sign up…..use my referral number? Pretty please?  It’s 385223.

(Also, I swear I’m not a review blog….I just like sharing these fun things! I have not been compensated for this review.)
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  1. Weird that the lip butter made your lips dry. I love it. The scent took a little getting used to, because it's strong but I love the texture and it lasts a while.



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