Monday, April 21, 2014

Adventures in Arizona - Part Two

Like I mentioned on Monday, C had a bye week two weeks ago. We decided to take a “staycation” and do some exploring in Arizona so he could save money for a ring for me. Again….eek!! 

If you want to see our adventures for the first part of the week, you can see them here.  I got a chemical peel, we saw a ghost town and we visited Canyon Lake and Apache Lake....all by Wednesday!

A "C" sized snickers!
Thursday we spent being lazy and catching up on the shows on our DVR, so Friday we decided to head back out to visit another Arizona sit. After stopping by Islands Burgers for lunch we hit up the Musical Instrument Museum.  You guys, this place is really incredible.  The museum is divided into continents and then each continent room has displays broken out by country. They have multiple instruments and artifacts from each country and videos that show the people living there and how they play and use those instruments.  I’m talking goat bladders, sheep horns, moth pod ankle bracelets, rocks on sticks, pieces of trees, virtually whatever the people living at that time could find to create music. You wear headphones and when you get close to each display you hear the music from the videos or sounds that those particular instruments make. So very cool to see! After seeing all the instruments, we went to a galley where we got to play some instruments of our own! We spent four hours there and finally got tired.  I know we probably skimmed through the last hour or so too, instead of really taking it all in!
Headphones on and ready to explore!

After the museum we headed out to my parent’s house for some pizza, wings and Michigan State basketball.  As you all know, C bleeds Michigan State green!  It was fun to get together with my parents and watch the team win.  My dad is a huge college basketball fan, so it’s nice to see them bond over something!

On Saturday we did something C has never done before…..horseback riding!   Now, the only reason C has never been horseback riding is because people literally won’t let him on their horses because he is too big. He’s always wanted to ride though.  Thankfully, we found someone who would give him a chance! One of the Rattler’s fans invited us over to his house for a ride, which was incredibly generous.  We headed over Saturday afternoon and spent the day riding horses around their property.  It was hilarious, because they just told C to hop right on. He had no clue what he was doing and was very intimiated!  Luckily, that didn’t last too long.  I loved being able to see him experience something new….and slightly scary!  I have been or horses many times, but I have also been thrown off (accidently) a few times, so horses make me more nervous than they used too. We spent horses alternating between riding horses and drinking beers on the front porch.  Probably not the greatest combo, but it was a lovely relaxing afternoon!  I got to experience my first gallop on a horse which was incredible.  I spent the entire time wondering if I was about to fall off and die….but I made it through.  It was frightening and exhilarating all at the same time!

Riding around in an old Model T!
Oh yeah, I also straightened and cut C’s hair this week, but I’m not allowed to show any pictures!  Just imagine though…..his hair is a good 7-8 inches long and it was sticking out all over his head! Good stuff.  I saved pictures for blackmail though (ok not really) so don’t worry!

I swear it felt like my week off went so quickly, I can’t believe we spent all of that time in Arizona! Yes, I missed the beach, but a pretty diamond on my hand someday soon is worth it!

Have you ever taken a staycation? Did you enjoy it?
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  1. I've always loved horses! You guys are the cutest!

  2. The musical instrument museum always sounds terribly boring, but every person who's gone there always says it's so neat! Maybe I'll have to make the trip over there :) . Also, riding horses terrifies that weird??



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