Monday, April 7, 2014

Adventures in Arizona - Part One

Two weeks ago C had a “bye week” which meant his team didn’t have a game that particular weekend. It also meant that the team didn’t have practice all week either!   Usually, we take a trip to California over this week, but C suggested that this time we stay home so he could save money…..for a ring!  Eek!  Of course I agreed :) 
I still wanted to make the week fun and exciting (I had already planned to take it off as well) so we spent some time researching different things in Arizona that we could do. 

On Monday, we did a little couples photo shoot with one of the fans that loves taking pictures.  I think she wants to get more into photography so we volunteered to be her guinea pigs.  I am really excited to see the shots, I hope we have some good ones!  I did learn that C wasn’t really comfortable with someone he knows taking his photos, so any real shoots we ever do will have to be with a stranger.  How funny is that?  We spent the rest of the day barbequing and playing games by the pool.

On Tuesday I went and had a chemical peel done.  Gasp!  I normally wouldn’t do something like that, but I “won” it in a silent auction gift basket along with other exciting things.  I was really hoping it would help with my acne scars from high school, but in the end I was really disappointed with the results.  I would in no way suggest to anyone doing this since the dang thing originally costs $125 and I really got minimal results.  If you would like more detail (photos, results, time involved, pain etc.) let me know and maybe I will do a full post on it.  We laid low for most of the day after that (I had to leave the goop on my face for 4-6 hours) and went to see Divergent that night after I could wash my face.  Great movie, but definitely not as good as the book.  

On Wednesday we decided to discover a bit of Arizona.  We went to a place called Canyon Lake, way out in the mountains.  As we were driving there, we drove past a cute little place and decided to stop in.  Turns out, it was an old mining city called Goldfield Ghost Town.  They had cute little shops and you could go down and tour the mines if you wanted to pay them $8 each. We opted for a little shopping and some ice cream cones :)

After that we continued on towards the lake.  It was really beautiful.  I wish we had a boat, but alas, we only got to view the water from afar.  I had heard that there was another cool lake quite a distance back from the main roads, so we decided to check that one out too.  We drove my little 2 door Nissan Altima 15 miles down a bumpy one way dirt road that was sometimes on the edge of a cliff, which took us about an hour. Talk about an adventure! 

Once we got to the destination though, it was beautiful!  We pulled out our little picnic basket of snacks and games and sat down to enjoy ourselves. The wind had other plans!  It was freezing!  All the sudden there would be huge gusts of wind and we would have to bunker down and cover up everything we had so it would blow away.  It was even blowing our game tiles (Rumikube) which aren’t exactly light.  After about 20 minutes of that, I had to call it quits because I had not thought to bring my sweats and a blanket to this gorgeous lake setting on an Arizona spring day! We packed off and headed back down the dirt road towards home. 

Oh and on the way back, we stopped to get all the ingredients for my favorite meal…..fondue! I love making it at home....but there it is definitely an experience going some place like the Melting Pot!

After seeing how long this post is getting, I decided to split the recap of our week into two…for your sake of course!  I will tell you about the rest of the week soon!
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  1. Gorgeous pics!!! That ghost town is right across from where we took our engagement photos :) did you see the old white church over there?! I love it!

  2. This looks so fun! I want to do some exploring - I feel like there's so much beauty to AZ that I have yet to discover.

  3. Sounds like fun! Can't wait to see your pics!

  4. Beautiful pictures and i want one of those giant birdcages NOW! I have obsession with birdcages.



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