Friday, November 6, 2015

Ipsy Review - October

Ipsy time!

As always, this is one of my favorite times of the month….I love getting this bag in the mail! I think this is one the best bags out there, especially for such a low price of $10.  If you are looking to start a beauty subscription, I would definitely try Ipsy first.

The theme of this month’s bag is “Alter Ego” which is fun, but as usual doesn’t really fit the products. I guess the bag is gold on one side and black on the other, so maybe it does? I feel like they should just stop the theme thing, they seem to be reaching majority of the time!
So here it is…the October Ipsy bag! 

1)  Balanced Guru Scrub Me Nice and Gritty Body Scrub  – 1 oz. (FULL SIZE)
I am excited to try this!  I would definitely say it is not something I normally get sent in beauty mailings, so it makes it extra exciting.  It looks very dark and gritty and smells like mint.  I do have a favorite scrub already (Ocean Salt from LUSH) but I can’t wait to compare it to this! I love that it’s organic and the only ingredients are sugar, coffee, coconut oil and cocoa butter!
Full Size: $22.99 for 8 oz. My Value: $2.87

2)  Aurora Gel Effect Nail Color in “Inky Dinky” – .42 oz.
Ok, first of all, that is seriously the stupidest name.  They couldn’t come up with anything better?!  I love the idea of gel effect nail polish, but unfortunately this is waaayyyy too dark for me so I won’t be getting any use out of it. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it is a very dark purplish blue.
Full Size: $8.99 My Value: $8.99
3)  Emite Make Up Tweezers  – (FULL SIZE)
I have been using the same old cheap tweezers for years….so this is great for me!  I think the pink color is fun and I like that it comes in a fairly small case to keep them clean.  I imagine anything would be better than what I use currently, so this is a welcome addition! I would never buy them again however….the website is all in Swedish!
Full Size: $24.03 My Value: $24.03
4)  Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum  – .5 oz.
This is another thing I am excited to try.  I enjoy different serums and moisturizers for my face …when I remember to use them. I like that it is organic and doesn’t smell too strong (though I wouldn’t say it smells of apricot or rose hip – its main ingredients – either).
Full Size: $23.99 for .7 oz. My Value: $17.13
5)  The Balm Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in “Committed” – .04 oz. each (FULL SIZE)
I love the color of this!  It is so perfect for me.  What I don’t love is how drying it is.  I wore it alone for maybe 30 minutes and had to add a gloss over it because it felt too dry.  2 hours later my lips were peeling.  Lame. I don’t do well with the “long-lasting” lip products.
Full Size: $17.00 for .219 oz. My Value: $6.00
Final Cost: $10.00
Final Value: $59.02
I feel pretty good about my bag this month. I wish I liked the color of the nail polish and I’m sad the lip gloss is drying, but overall I am happy with what I received! Speaking of the nail polish….this is the second month in a row that I’ve gotten a nail polish I don’t like. What is the point of me reviewing the products on the site if they don’t listen to what I have to say?  Ugh.

What are your thoughts?

If you’d like to give it a try you can sign up here!

(As always, I swear I’m not a review blog….I just like sharing these things in hopes that other people will get to have the same fun that I do!  I am not compensated in any way.)

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