Friday, October 30, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

Well as you know, once you have a baby its a must to go to a pumpkin patch right??  I think its an unwritten rule :)

We decided to take Noah this year the first weekend in October, before it got too busy. My brother was also in town, so he joined us.  We had so much fun!  This place had all sorts of rides and games, they had a petting zoo, pig races and even a bonfire in the evening to roast marshmallows!

Noah got to see some animals for the first time. He really liked the goat and the chickens!

We also went through a corn maze....with the stroller!  Noah fell asleep quickly which was pretty funny. The three of us wandered around that thing for probably half an hour before we made our way out.  Thank goodness we chose to do the smaller of the two at the farm!

After stopping in a little café for a quick adult beverage following the corn maze, we headed over to the pumpkin patch for the must have baby/pumpkin photo shoot. Noah got it started off right away with a sexy baby look haha.  He immediately lifted his shirt up.  So funny.

I look at the following pics and I hear this in my head: "Hmm, which pumpkin should I pick?  This one looks good. Oh yeah, this one is nice and big, I can barely get my arms around it.  Um dad, a little help here??"
After watching a really weird comedy/juggling show (seriously, the guy was weird. And terrible) we were going to take off but I really wanted to go on the hay ride.  I am sooooo glad we did.  We got an awesome surprise once we rounded the first corner.

Deer! The farm had rescued about 15-20 deer from an old farm a year or two ago and now their numbers had grown to about 80.  They stopped the hayride and let us feed them for about 15 minutes.  They were such beautiful creatures.  We even got an adorable video of Noah feeding them, since they are really gentle and only suck if they get your fingers in their mouth.

The rest of the hayride was really boring as we completed a small circle on a dirt path, but hey, it was totally worth it to see and feed the deer!

On our way out, we walked by a bonfire and one of the staff asked us if we wanted to roast marshmallows.  Um, who says no to that?  She handed us all long sticks and free marshmallows and we enjoyed a nice little snack.  I loved that there were no little fees for all the fun extras at Schnepf Farms, I would definitely suggest going there!

To say that Noah was tired by the end of the day is an understatement, he passed out as soon as we got home! Such a fun day!

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  1. Looks like you all had fun! Caleb was not super amused by the pumpkin patch this year lol.



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