Friday, October 2, 2015

Noah - Month 3

At the beginning of the month....I love that smile!

This is their "game face" photo....taken before daddy left on a road trip!

Can you tell he loves his swaddle sack?

Wedding dress shopping with mommy's best friend!

Just because costumes are so cute!

Getting some!

Standing!  (And a perfectly timed photo....he can't really do that all on his own)

His first giant finger nail attack....whoops!

Loving his infant stimulation videos

Tummy time and alfalfa hair!

He looks so different when he is sleeping....

The famous sad face emoticon in real life haha.  Its hard not to smile at this face!

Rattlers game recap!

Lookin like a big boy

More shots :(

One of my favorite pics of him

Trying out his chair!

Just chillin....watchin tv

Rattlers game recap #2

Hanging in the "man cave" with daddy....shirts unbuttoned haha

At a Rattler game when daddy was injured :(

Hanging out with all the boys at the training facility

3 months!

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