Friday, November 13, 2015

Noah - Month 5

Well folks I am finally almost all caught up on pics of my little man!  He turned 5 months old on October 11th over a weekend stay in a cabin with his Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Shay. I can't believe he is 5 months already.

By the end of the month he weighed 12.9 pounds and I am guessing is somewhere around 26 inches. We will have an official weigh in next month. When we last went to the Doctor he was in the 3rd percentile for weight which is worrisome, but he was in the 85th for he is just growing up and not out! Hopefully this month he will gain a bit more weight and be good to go for his exciting 6 month checkup.

This month he started sitting up for a few seconds on his own (he is getting better and better at this daily) and he LOVES to put his feet and anything else he can grab onto in his mouth! He is a terrible nap but sleeps fantastic most nights. For a few weeks we got 9-10 hours straight which was amazing.  Then we went out of town and screwed it all up! Hopefully we can get back to that soon!

Beginning of the month...

Watching football with daddy

Foot in mouth....check out that finger too hehe.  Made me crack up!
First baseball game! Go Dbacks!

He's been holding his own bottle too for awhile
Just taking a stroll sporting Rattlers gear!

Nakey baby!

My fav picture of him made it onto the Carters website!

In his submarine outfit in honor of Uncle Shay in the Navy!

Pile O' Pumpkins!

Love that smile

Caught this right before he fell over haha

Had to get snuggled up for our cabin trip up north in Pinetop!

Fishing with daddy

Go Spartans!

With Uncle Shay

Terrible hand daddy....what are we going to do??

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  1. Aww! He is such a little cutie! I'm jealous that he holds his own bottle. Caleb will not do it and I think it's out of laziness. Haha.



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