Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Halloween Fun

Well Noah's first Halloween has officially come and gone!  My goodness, I am thankful for a hubby that will indulge my need to dress up in matching costumes :)  Such a great man!

We really didn't have plans for Halloween because I didn't want to go around asking for candy from strangers with only a baby (who clearly couldn't eat said candy) in tow.  So we dressed up, took a bunch of pics, dropped by the neighbor's house for a singe "Trick or Treat" and then C and I left NoJo with Grandma and went to Fleming's (with a giftcard) for a Steak and Lobster dinner!  Great Halloween in my book!
In early September C and I were shopping in a local baby resale store and ran across the most adorable chicken costume.  I had to have it.  For $6, it was a total steal!

From that came the idea for our Halloween costumes.  I planned on being a pig, but C purchased the little kit for me.  When I got home, I just couldn't go through with it, the nose was hideous!  So, a few hours before we left for the day I ran to Michaels and Target to gather supplies and made myself a quick sheep costume!  One pack of cotton balls and 3 sheets of felt later I was transformed!

When we got to Grandma's house, they gave us a prop and we became.....the Dukes Family Farm!

Dukes Farm!


C was really cracking me up, I loved how he got into the photos :)

I was not to sure how Noah would do with the costume, but I don't think he even really knew he had it on!  We did a test run a few weeks before and he acted the same way, like he didn't even know it was there haha.  Hopefully this means there are some cute baby hats in our future!


After almost all of the pics were done I tried to get one more from the side so you could see the whole effect of the costume.  I passed him over to Grandma....and this happened:
Even though we didn't go house to house, dressing up was still a ton of fun and I'm glad we got to do it! By the end of the night, Noah was exhausted.  I just love how he falls asleep these days.  On his side and always with his little bear we affectionately call "blue."

Hope everyone else had a fun Halloween!

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