Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yoga is Not For Me

I tried yoga. I hated it.

You guys, I tried.  I really did.  

A friend and I purchased an awesomely discounted groupon for yoga classes a few weeks ago ($19 for 10 classes) because we’d both been wanting to try it. I even went out and bought a fancy yoga mat.  If you ever need one, may I suggest Ross?

It has been quite an interesting experience.

Since neither of us knew absolutely anything about yoga, we just picked a class that was at a good time for us and went for it.  Turns out we had signed up for nap time. Or in the correct terms, it was a “yin” or “relaxation” class.  Basically it was an hour and a half long stretch class that was very uncomfortable. We would do a stretch and then sit there for 5-10 minutes for each one.  Um?  Have you ever had to stretch over with your legs straight out in front of you for 10 minutes straight?  I wouldn’t suggest it. It was terrible.  If that wasn’t enough, the instructor played a very large gong the entire class.  Hello lady, how am I supposed to nap if you are banging on a gong?!?  Suffice it to say I left the class feeling like yoga was super weird.

The next class I went to wasn’t so terrible but I decided about an hour into it that it just wasn’t for me.  I don’t do well calming my mind (I seriously started thinking about the weirdest things during class – i.e. what my friend and her boyfriend should name their future children) and I have a tough time breathing in general.  Seriously.  If I put my arms over my head for long periods of time (which is really like 10 seconds or more) I can’t breathe.  Then at the end the instructor asked everyone if we were ok if she did a quick neck and shoulder massage on everyone. Say what? Ok, I guess I like this yoga stuff.

So I signed up for another class.  That one was hell!  I hated it. The instructor was very harsh, but in a nice way.  Yeah, that doesn’t make sense to me either.  But its how I felt.  She was a super yoga pro and would show us poses that no normal human being could actually do.  She’d obviously been doing this for a long time. Clearly she thought I wasn’t quite getting the hang of yoga because I got an extra special leg/thigh massage when I was in “child’s pose” at one point during the class.  I peeked….no one else got that massage!  She gave us all a tiny massage at the end as well by rubbing some stuff on our shoulders that smelled like a dirty lemon tree.

Needless to say….I never went back.

Anyone wanna buy a yoga mat?
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  1. I have a yoga mat and have yet to use it. I think it might end up being used for my crafts. Yes a craft mat...on the a 5 year old. lol Btw love the color of your mat!

    1. Oooh!!! Good idea!!! Heads to find her yoga...craft...mat.

  2. I don't like yoga either. I feel like I'm not being productive, and sitting on the floor doesn't feel very relaxing to me.

  3. Oh no!!! That sounds awful, i love yoga but yin yoga is pretty much the most boring yet simultaneously uncomfortable thing I've ever been through. They ended up canceling it at my studio because no one went. I do vinyasa which can actually be a workout, but I do end up comparing myself to a lot of the super yogis in the class, so I feel you!

  4. I have one or I'd take it. LOL I have only done yoga a couple of times - I decided I prefer aerobics or other exercise that gets me moving!

  5. I don't like yoga either! It's not comforting and I am always sore in a bad way the next day! - J

  6. So funny! I haven't ever tried yoga because there aren't any places I can find that look legit that offer it. I don't want to sign up for the gym just to take yoga because that's too much considering I'd really only want to go for the yoga, although after what you described I'm not so sure I'd like it, either!

    Améliorer la Vie

  7. I am usually close to falling asleep 30 minutes into doing yoga haha its relaxing but it definitely stretches out all of your muscles. at the very end your body releases a chemical that makes you feel awesome... so I guess it depends on what you are looking for!



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