Monday, September 16, 2013

Party Time!

So I’m a little late on this post….but it’s still Monday!

After the team got home from the Arena Bowl it was party time! 

First up was a fan fest for all of the fans.  The team set aside a few hours on a Saturday afternoon and all the fans came out to meet them at the arena and congratulate them on their win.  There was an awesome season highlight video (C had some awesome plays in it!) and several of the guys got up and spoke. It was kind of interesting because they had the family sit on the ground floor next to the stage, instead of the stands.  Because of this, I only have one, not so great picture :( It was a terrible angle.

After all of the presentations, the fans got to go down on the main floor to meet the players and get autographs and photos with them.  The trophy was also there, so it was fun to take pictures with that too.  I put both last year’s picture (I’m in black) and this year’s picture (I’m in burnt orange) below so you could compare the two :)

Next, all of the guys got to go to the Phoenix Mercury game.  Yes, it’s WNBA, but hello, Brittney Griner plays for the team!  She actually lives in our apartment complex too which is cool. Have you seen this woman? She is 6’8!  The boys got to go down on the court during the game as they were announced as champions.  It was really cool to see the whole arena standing and cheering for them.

Next up was the best celebration of them all.  The really rich owner of the team rented out a private bar area at a local casino (I live in AZ so they are all over the place) and everything was paid for!

Earlier in the day C and I decided to go shopping and buy new outfits for the occasion. Dillards was having a fantastic sale (everything was 50% off and the 30% or 40% off of THAT amount!) so we got some great deals.  I love that C doesn’t mind shopping and actually likes to help me.  He even picked out the dress I wore and I am seriously in love with it. Also, believe it or not, at $30 the shoes were TWICE as expensive as my dress! He loves green (he played at Michigan State) so he was immediately drawn to it.  I had a lot of fun picking out shoes and accessories because it was different than what I would normally wear.  Studs are not usually my thing.

Anywho, once we were all ready, a fancy bus picked everyone up (all the players and their dates) and took us to the spot.  There was a huge, tasty, fancy buffet and drinks were free all night long! The trophy was there (of course) and there was an awesome ice sculpture commemorating the back to back championship win. There were fun Rattlers themed cupcakes and an awesome DJ too. 

Near the end of the evening the guys decided it was time to “drink” from their trophy cup.  They poured probably 20 coronas into the thing and each guy proceeded to take a drink.  Us girls wanted in on it, so to keep lady like we grabbed some straws and got our drink on too.  The photo is really blurry because um, yeah, drinks were free that night!

We partied into the night and had a blast!

Arizona Rattlers, Back to Back Arena Bowl Champions!

I think that was the end of the big celebrations for a while, but hopefully in March when the season starts back up again I will have an awesome ring ceremony party to tell you about!
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  1. Wow, I bet that was awesome!! :D

    I found your blog on a blog hop, and am now following! :D



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