Thursday, September 5, 2013

My First Cara Box - Reveal Time!

After seeing posts about it for months, I finally decided to sign up for the Cara Box exchange

I am glad I did, it was a lot of fun.  I am also really glad the format is changing to every three months. I think it will be nice to have more time to get to know the people you are paired with.

This month’s theme was Seasons of Life and we were paired with people who were in the same place in life. For me it was age 23-29, single, no children.  Yes, I’m technically not single, but neither were my partners!  One is in a happy relationship like me and the other is engaged. But alas, none of us could click the married box just yet.

My first partner was Cait over at Your Favorite Girlfriend.  She was so fun to get to know and prepare a box for!  She is just finishing up a semester of nursing school and is currently planning her wedding so she is quite a busy girl! There was one thing I was especially excited to ship to her so she could check it off of one of her lists.  You can see what I sent to her here!

My second partner was Pam over at Stolen Moments by Pam.  You guys she spoiled me!  It was awesome getting to know her as well.  She is a teacher in North Carolina and has a boyfriend in the military that she doesn’t get to see very often. I don’t know how she does it! Thankfully though, she gets to see him in October.  Yay!

She sent me awesome notepads and stickers, plus some cute little bag clips. How she knew I was in desperate need of some “chip clips” I do not know! I love them.  The notepads are awesome too.  I mean, how cute is that tiny clip board??  I also can’t wait to use the stickers.  Do you think C will get mad if I put the “smelly” sticker on his shoes when he leaves them lying around?

That’s not all though!  She knows I love to travel (and thankfully I get the opportunity to right now) so she sent an awesome Tommy Hilfiger travel case!  It’s perfect!  I am definitely taking this to Maryland :) Isn’t the wine glass the cutest too?  I love the sweet little pink bow….and its chalkboard paint!  I am so gonna have fun with that!

I was definitely blessed in my first Cara box exchange!  I am so happy to have “met” both of these gals and I know we will continue to be friends!

I’ve already signed up for my next Cara box exchange….are you going to sign up?

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  1. What a great box! I love doing the Cara Box!

  2. You got some great stuff! I love Cara Box, it's so fun to "meet" new people.

  3. What a great Cara Box! And I'm still loving what you sent me :)

  4. I'm so glad you loved your gift! I really have enjoyed getting to know you and hope we keep in touch!! :)

    - Pam



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