Friday, August 14, 2015

Noah's First month

Ok you guys.  I have become a TERRIBLE blogger.  I just don't have any time these days :(  I started back to work full time 3 weeks ago (oh man was that rough...) and my evenings are spent with my little family. They are much more important to me than blogging. I know I still need to finish his birth story, I really want to get it in writing, but I thought I'd at least share a bunch of photos from his first month of life until I get that done!

Meeting October our cat just moments after coming home!

Loving his daddy already

3 days old and holding his head up....

His first blood prick...I had a harder time than he did I think!

Actin all cool in his football blanket while watching his first football game daddy was playing in

Some more daddy love.  This picture melts my heart!

Right before his tongue tie procedure (hopefully I can explain more another time) strong little man!

My little family :)

Add caption

His face just cracks me up....we called those his old man wrinkles!

First bath....not loving it as you can see!

Right before daddy left on his first road trip

Practicing wearing his headphones for football games!

Ready for our first Rattlers game!

A football family :)

I love my little man!!


  1. Great pictures! He is so cute! And you seriously look amazing! I have a lot of weight left to lose still. In these pictures, you can hardly even tell you just had a baby. :)

  2. He is beautiful and you look amazing! Im sure your readers understand that mummyhood comes before blog! :)



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