Thursday, August 20, 2015


Hmmm….when was the last time I did one of these?  Must have been months and months ago!

I thought I’d give you a quick update as to what is going on in my life these days :)


Well its playoff time again Arena Football League! C’s team won their first game this past weekend and now they are off to play their game for round 2 on Saturday! His team will be up against the San Jose Sabercats who are pretty much the best team in the league this year.  It will be a fight to the finish for a win, but hopefully they can pull it off and make it to the Arena Bowl for the 4th year in a row!


I still need to give you guys soooooo many updates on this little guy!  He just turned 3 months old last week and I can hardly believe it.  He is drooling like a mad man and learning to grab things these days. I’m shocked at how quickly his little life has gone for me.  As I am back to work full time, I cherish spending my evenings cuddling with him. Weekends are the best because we get so much time together!

Oh man, I have read several books since this last update! 

First off, for book club I read (but didn’t post on) Wild by CherylStrayed.  I didn’t think I was going to like this book, but I actually really did. I thought there was no way I could relate to an outdoorsy, hiking related book, but I dug right in. It was well written and kept me interested the whole time.

I also read Twisted Sisters by my favorite author Jen Lancaster.  This was one of her novels, which I don’t seem to like as much. This one was really weird….body swapping was involved.  Totally not believable in any sense.  I much prefer her memoirs!

Finally, while I was on maternity leave, when Noah was itty bitty, I would use his morning nap times to soak in the tub and read.  He would sleep away in his rock & play just outside the bathroom door in our room so I could listen for him and I would get swept away into a book.   For my baths, I choose to read some mind numbing teen chick lit.  Ok I say it like it’s a bad thing….but I totally loved these books!  I read the Fame Game series by Lauren Conrad, which includes the books The Fame Game, Infamous and Starstruck.  The books are from the point of view of a few girls that were chosen to be on a reality TV show (I’m sure based on Lauren’s own experience) and how they deal with the fame and life as a reality star.  Super easy reads and a lot of fun.  If you are into cheesy things like that, I’d highly suggest them.  They are actually a continuance of her first series L.A. Candy which I would suggest as well!


Holy cow, it’s really hard to keep up with TV shows when you have a little one! I can't tell you how many times we've put a show on and then ended up playing or just plain staring at Noah and then totally missing what is going on in our show! Thankfully, it’s summer break for majority of the shows we watch, so we aren’t too far behind at the moment.  Two new shows we are watching though are Zoo and Bachelor in Paradise.  

Zoo really sucked us in during the first episode.  The premise of the series is just so unlike anything out there!  As we go along it has gotten a bit contrived, but we still enjoy watching it.  This does seem like a series though that definitely has an end date.  You can only do so many episodes trying to find out why something is happening (such as animals attacking humans…).  Eventually you have to find the answer.  Watching the characters try season after season to figure it out would probably get a bit old!
Bachelor in Paradise….what can I really say?  This show is just hilarious.  C loves watching it with me and thank goodness, because it comes on both Sunday AND Monday nights! It’s a reality love show that consists of cast offs from previous Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons that are put on an island to try and find love.  There is a game show element though and these guys and gals do some pretty nasty things to each other to stick around on the show.  The cheesiness and drama factor is HIGH on this one you guys!

That's all I've got time for right now, but that's just a snip-it of what is going on in my life!

Any new TV shows I should add to our list?  What about awesome books you suggest?  I have less time for both of these things now, but I still want to watch and read the best! 
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  1. I used to read LC's LA Candy but I never finished it lol. I need to pick it back up and then start this series!

  2. I have all of the episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on my DVR but haven't started it yet! I LOVE The Bachelor and Bachelorette. I had never watched it until I was out on maternity leave. I had a lot of time to watch TV when we were up all night so I got sucked into Chris Soules' season - haha!



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