Friday, January 2, 2015

19 Weeks

Ok I am a little off on these posts….sorry!  I am trying to get back on track, which is why you get two this week.  Technically, a new “week” for me begins on Mondays, so next Monday will be 20 weeks.  I like to wait a few days into the week to post though so I can actually tell you what’s going on in that specific week!

What's Going on in There?
Baby is the size of a mango (6 inches and half a pound) and is quite active.  Baby is now able to hear mommy and daddy’s voices and has proportionate arms and legs….no more monkey arms!

Maternity Clothes? 
Pretty much exclusively. So comfy! That top in the pic above isn't maternity, but it worked for the picture. Otherwise it would ride up too high whenever I moved and you'd see the lining on my awesome maternity pants!
Depends on the day, its between 5 and 7 pounds
Stretch Marks? 

I am feeling baby a ton now!!!  On Christmas Eve last week I actually felt a kick from the outside for the first time.  C got to feel a kick on Christmas Day.  It was so special!  Now that I know for sure what it feels like, I can feel the little one all the time!
Food Cravings? 
Nothing at all….is that weird?
Anything Making you Queasy or Sick? 

What I Miss? 
Alcohol was a bit missed on New Years!
Not at all
My boobs definitely grew this week haha.  I know most people talk about that happening right away, but that didn’t happen for me. They are gradually growing I think, but it was noticeable this week.
Labor Signs? 
Ok, I promise next week I will announce!
Belly Button In or Out?
Still in, but getting closer to being flat!
Wedding Rings On or Off? 
On and no swelling that I can see!
Being sleeping pretty well!  I am pretty much past the stage of peeing in the middle of the night, but I do still wake up really early in the AM (just a bit before my alarm) to go.  
 What I'm Looking Forward To? 

The halfway point next week!  I can’t believe that it’s already been almost 20 weeks and we are halfway to meeting our little one! I am also looking forward to our appointment next week with the OB.  She will confirm everything on our ultrasound this week looked good and hopefully agree to being induced on May 18th (a week early) if baby hasn’t arrived by then!
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  1. That's awesome you don't have any nausea! Your bump is so cute!



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