Friday, January 23, 2015

Week 22

Check below for more photos....including a few bare belly ones!

What's Going on in There?
Baby is the size of a papaya or an ear of corn (about 1 foot long and 1 pound). So cute to imagine my little ear of corn! He can definitely hear noises from outside the womb and reacts to lights.  Haven’t shined a flashlight on my belly yet, but we may have to soon! His irises are formed, but don’t have any pigment yet, though we all know they will be brown!

Maternity Clothes? 
I heart maternity clothes.  I had to steer clear of pants this week when possible though, my tummy was so itchy and those were making it worse.  Dresses were my go to this week. Thank goodness for 70+ degree weather here in AZ!
Inching a bit higher….I think around 11 or 12 this week.  I have got to stop with all of the ice cream!
Stretch Marks? 
None that I have seen

Totally.  He kicks a lot during the day, especially when I eat.  He also hates whenever I have to bend over for any reason, I get some good kicks for that every time.
Food Cravings? 
Ok I have to admit it, I pretty much have ice cream every single night. This is such a cliché pregnant thing and so not good for me….but I can’t help it. It’s soooo tasty! Also, I’ve noticed pictures of food are very influential on me.  If I see something that looks good, it becomes an instant craving to me! Oh yeah finally, I craved Olive Garden salad for like 4 straight days this week before I caved and C and I went for dinner. It hit the spot!
Anything Making you Queasy or Sick? 
Not at all, yay!

What I Miss? 
This week I miss margaritas.  I had a friend send me pics of some and oh man, it really made me want one! 
No, thank you Lord!
Nesting like CRAZY! I’ve finally decorated our master bathroom, master bedroom, guest bedroom and guest bathroom.  All in one week.  After living in this house for over 4 months. So yeah.  I’ve also noticed my little semi-pack rat personality is disappearing. Don’t use it? Out it goes! Also, I'm sad to say I think I am getting "the line" or linea nigra
Labor Signs? 
Can’t wait to meet my little BOY!
Belly Button In or Out?
Flat but still in!
Wedding Rings On or Off? 
On and totally fine
Having a bit of trouble falling asleep, but other than that I generally stay asleep all night which is lovely.   
What I'm Looking Forward To? 
Still haven’t set up his crib yet, so I am really looking forward to that!  We sold the bed that is currently in the room, just have to wait for the buyer to pick it up mid-February! I may move it out of the room soon though so I can get started on decorating his nursery.

Just for are some more pics in the silly new shirt C got me this week. I've included some bare belly ones too!

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  1. Lovely and so happy for you! Congrats on baby boy on the way!!! Yea!!! I am catching up with blog stuff now and going through my list. How is married life too?

  2. Love the shirt and so happy for you!

  3. Aww, you are looking fantastic! I had the EXACT same thing where if I would see a picture of food, I would want it instantly! LOL.



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