Friday, November 28, 2014

Boxy Charm Review - November

Boxy Charm time!

After deciding to cut back on some of my beauty boxes this month (bye bye Starbox and Lip Factory), Boxy Charm still made the cut. It always has a fantastic value and I am hoping I continue to love it!

This box is $21.00 a month with free shipping and is a “beauty box subscription that surprises you each month with the best beauty products from popular and chic brands. Each box contains full size and luxury size beauty samples from preferred well-known brands.” They aim to cover a whole look from makeup to nails, which I really like. 

The theme is “Sparkle and Shine” which is strangely very close to the theme of this month’s Ipsy bag.  Coincidence?

Here is the November Boxy Charm!  

1)      MicaBeauty Eye Primer   .3 oz. (FULL SIZE)
Ok, you have got to be kidding me with that price.  Would anyone seriously pay that?  There 
are several very reputable brands that offer eye primers for muuucchhh cheaper.  My favorite 
one, from MAC, is less than half that price! So, this is a bust for me.  I just can’t even get  
past the full price.
Full Size: $44.95 My Value: $44.95

2)      OFRA Pressed Blush in “Paradise Pink” – .28 oz.  (FULL SIZE)
First of all, this blush is HUGE.  I can’t decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  It certainly won’t fit in my “day to day” makeup case, that’s for sure.  I guess the good thing is, you definitely get your moneys worth!  Unfortunately, this color is just too bright for me.  I look much better in peach and rose colors.
Full Size: $24.95 My Value: $24.95

3)   Tarina Tarantino Eyelicity Glitter Liner in “Glitter Mist” – .17 oz.  (FULL SIZE)
My second glitter eye liner this month….wah wah.  This really isn’t my thing, or at least any more.  I was addicted to this stuff back in high school! I’m not really sure I will be getting any use out of this one.
Full Size: $16.00 My Value: $16.00

4)   Kevin.Murphy Color.Bug in “White” – .17 oz. (FULL SIZE)
Ok this seems like it could be a really fun product, especially since it seems so easy to use.  My only complaint is the color….who in the world wants to color their hair white?!? Unless I guess you were going for the look of Rogue from X-Men. This is definitely a bust.
Full Size: $25.00 My Value: $25.00

5)   bellapierre Shimmer Powder in “Reluctance”– 2.35 g. (FULL SIZE)
If you can’t tell from the picture, this is a shimmer green color.  I have used several of their shimmer powders and I love them.  I think all of the colors I have used though are neutral, some I curious to see what one with some color looks like on! Hopefully it is still pretty subtle.
Full Size: $14.99 My Value: $14.99

Final Cost: $21.00
Final Value: $125.89

As always this box has an amazing value! The only problem is, I won’t get much use out of the items, considering I really only liked one of them.  I guess I will get use out of the ridiculously high priced primer as well, so the cost is covered for me.  If the blush and color bug were in different colors I would have loved those as well!

What are your thoughts?

If you’d like to get Boxy Charm, you can sign up here!

(Also, I swear I’m not a review blog….I just like sharing these fun things! I have not been compensated for this review.)

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  1. Too bad you didn't like some of them, but it is a great value!



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