Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wedding Day - Gettin' Pretty

Ok guys, I know I have been way slacking in this, but I FINALLY have all of our wedding pictures!! 

This week I thought I'd show you how our day started!  I got all of my bridesmaids (and my momma) the same matching, comfy dress for us to wear while getting ready.  I got them at H & M for the low price of $10 and I think they looked adorable!  I love how all of the pictures are so cohesive. I thought the dresses would be perfect for them to use another time too which made them a double bonus gift.

We spent the morning getting ready at the only hotel in Florence,AZ which was about a mile from the venue.  There is seriously nothing else in Florence. Not even a Walgreens. Or Starbucks.  Oh man.

The makeup artist was supposed to take an hour per girl, but he was pretty much a rock star and finished everyone really quickly. So we just hung around all afternoon being bored. Really though, the morning of my wedding, I was soooo stinkin bored!  I mean, I'm grateful that we definitely weren't rushed, but man, there was nothing to do.  Except watch football, which I totally did!  After this we headed over to the venue around 3pm, I'll show you those pics next week!

Without further are some pics of us girls getting ready on my wedding day!!!
(The only shot you'll ever probably see of me with no makeup, my hair a wavy mess AND no bangs - the trifecta!)

Goofing off with my extensions (used for fullness, not length)


Lunch.....I barely ate it!

All of the girls and their pearls

My fab four :)

Being goofy....



Malibu and Pineapple of course :)

Getting C's gift ready

Putting Momma's pearls on

The bride who found football :)

Next up, the Bridal Cottage at the venue!
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  1. So pretty, I LOVED your hair for the big day.

    1. Aw thank you! I was really happy with it too...until the end of the day. The curls ended in a knotted mess!



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