Friday, June 27, 2014

Starbox Review - June

Starbox time!  

I'm sorry I've been so MIA lately guys....I have soooo much going on.  I hope to explain more soon!

So lets get on with the review!

I am still iffy on this box. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I just don’t.  I can’t decide if it is worth it to me or not. 

If you don’t remember, Starbox is a monthly beauty box that is $15 a month (plus a few dollars S&H) and comes with 3-4 FULL SIZED products each time.  No tiny lotion samples!
The website says the makeup line is comparable to MAC, Chanel, Sephora and other department store lines.  It also says that the value of each monthly box ranges from $35.00 to $99.00.

The theme of this box is “Royals” which I think is cute.  It’s a very popular idea for right now!
Here it is….the June Starbox!  

           1)     Starlooks Longwear Lipstick in “Limitless” -  .12 oz  (FULL SIZE)
At I’m sorry, but this color is terrible. I can’t even say anything else about it.  I do like their longwear lipsticks, but this is not one that will be going anywhere near my lips! Yes, it kind of fits the theme, but that does nothing for me.
Full Size: $13.00 My Value: $13.00

           2)    Starlooks Longwear Eyeliner Pot in “Sun”– .08 oz. (FULL SIZE)
            I really don’t like the color of this either.  Bummer. I honestly can’t imagine this 
            bright yellow gold liner looks good on very many people at all.  Yes, it’s nice that it 
            doubles as a shadow and a liner, but it’s just no good to me. Again, it goes with the 
            theme, but I don’t like it.
           Full Size: $15.00 My Value: $15.00

           3)    Starlooks Cream Blush in “Fallen Angel”  – .21 oz. (FULL SIZE)
Now this is something I really like. I mean, the color is gorgeous!  I am not one for cream blushes really, but this one is just too pretty to not give it a try! I can’t wait to play with it!
           Full Size: $17.00 My Value: $17.00

Final Cost: $17.58
Final Value: $45.00

I like the products in the box…..but the colors are just terrible.  So it’s a win/lose for me.  Bummer.   I really do love the cream blush though, so at least it’s not a wash!

I feel like the company is losing a little momentum.  They used to really have great boxes and now they are running out of original products to give, they are just the same thing all the time.  I guess if you haven’t had this box for a while though like me, it would probably be pretty awesome!

What do you think?

If you’d like to try Starbox you can sign up here!

(Also, I swear I’m not a review blog….I just like sharing these fun things! I have not been compensated for this review.)

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