Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shoe Stress

Welcome to the newly dubbed “Wedding Wednesday” here at Sleepy Single Girl!

I previously had done all of my beauty box reviews on Wednesdays, but they will now be on Fridays for the next couple of months. I thought since my engagement time before the wedding is pretty darn short (only 96 days to go!) that a wedding post once a week might not be too terrible.  If you hate them, come back in three months and it will all be over!

Today I want to talk about the thing that is giving me the most stress right now…
Yes, just shoes. 

I found my dress a few weeks ago (more on that later) but I cannot seem to find shoes that match what I want.  I didn’t think what I was looking for was difficult, but apparently it is.

See, I am looking for white, ivory or gold wedges. I really don’t want to wear heels for hours and hours because I know my feet. They hurt after standing up in heels for just a little while! I have wedges that I wear to work though for 8+ hours and I don’t even notice them! Plus, since a lot of the venue is outdoors and rustic, I didn’t think getting a heel caught in the grass or in a hole somewhere would be good.

You guys? I can’t find any nice wedges anywhere!  They all are the espadrille rope type look or cork, which is making me really sad.  Also, I’d like them to be more of a strappy sandal and not a 
ridiculously high platform.  Finally….I have wide feet, which makes it hard with certain brands too.

Here is my dream shoe:

Too bad they are a style from a couple years ago and nowhere to be found.

So far I’ve also purchase these pairs and returned them for various (hello crazy bright gold or dark pink not shown in the picture) reasons:

I currently still have these and will use them unless I find something better:

These are also a maybe, but look like normal summer sandals and not wedding like:

Finally, these are the last two on my list that I may try.  I’m heading to a wedding accessory superstore tomorrow and I am crossing my fingers that they have these in stock for me to try on:

I can’t believe this has been so difficult.  I am stressing out about it because my dress is already in and it’s about time to take it to get altered. I want to have the shoes I am going to wear the day of the wedding so they can cut it to the right length. I know I could always switch from heels to flip flops after the ceremony, but why buy expensive shoes for a wedding and then only wear them for 20 minutes?  I mean, I doubt I will get a ton of use on a pair of stark white heels and sparkly after that day!

So…..any suggestions?!?!  Please help me!!!
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  1. Girl...I am having the same problem! Since we have an outdoor wedding, I want wedges also...specifically yellow or blue!

    So difficult! Good luck!

  2. I bought some really comfy sparkly heels that were Nine West and not too expensive for my wedding last year. I bought my husband and i matching Converse sneakers for the reception so i already knew that i would only wear the heels for 30 minutes. I would wear the ones you have above. They are pretty.

  3. I like the one you have and the first one that you would like to try out. I say keep looking Im sure a shoe similar to your original choice is out there. Scour the web.

  4. You could always add the flowers to a pair of shoes that you like. I have seen flowers like that at hobby lobby. Another idea for later use. If you buy solid white shoes you can always dye them black and be able to wear your special shoes more.

  5. pick one that you could wear again, even after the wedding. we focus on the dress anyway :)



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